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Young At Heart

Testimony from Kerstin Blankenburg: Grandpa Cody, renamed Opi.

Opi was rescued by ACES from a shelter, after his previous owner decided not being able to take care of him any longer. After seeing his picture and reading up on his story, I could not resist and welcomed Opi (10 years old) as my third English Setter into the family. For his 12 years, he was so spunky and showed such joy in running around with my younger Setters. Everywhere we went he won everybody's heart. He just had such a winning and sweet character. What a sweet boy Opi was! I think I won the jackpot with him. Opi had a great personality: affectionate, loving, patient and so well behaved.

I'm sorry to say that Opi passed away Saturday, January 27, 2007. Thankfully did he leave us peacefully and fast. I'm glad and so thankful that I was able to love him for nearly 2 years. I'm grateful he has been in our lives and in our hearts. Everybody knowing him saw his loving soul and the special spark in his eyes. He was up to the very end spunky and fun loving. I dearly miss him and he will always remain in my heart! Adopting an older dog, you never know how long they will stay with you. But when I would look in Opi's eyes and see all the love sparkling out, I just think how wonderful to be able to give him a "pre-taste of heaven".

I thank ACES for their great work in English Setter rescue. Without you, my life could not have been enriched with Opi's presence and love. Thank you!

I wrote the following poem in his memory:

I wish you farewell

I envision you well
I envision you with your royal trot
I envision you with your flowing feathery coat
I envision you with your smirky smile on your face
Wishing you to romp around in dog heaven
Wishing you peace and happiness
Wishing you the very best
Wishing you endless love
You remain our beloved Opi
You remain in our thoughts
You remain in our hearts
You remain spiritually with us
Farewell crossing the bridge to dog heaven
Farewell you loyal soul
Farewell my love
Farewell Opi
I wish you farewell