Young At Heart

Testimony from Jennifer Viernes, Maybelline's mom:

My family adopted Maybelline on April 15th 2003.  We were told at the time that she was probably around 8 years old.  I had seen her picture on the website and it took me 6-8 months to convince my husband that she was the right dog for us!  Fortunately – for us – no one else had adopted her in that time!!   

It didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love with her!  Our neighbors would open their back door and let Mabel run in and she would play with their dog and cats and then curl up on the dog bed in their kitchen!  There were times that I would have to carry her home because she wouldn’t want to leave their house!  She loved to run in the yard and “nest” in the fallen leaves!  Everyone was a friend to Mabel and she had the heart of a survivor!  
Unfortunately, her body couldn’t keep up with what her heart wanted to do!  This past October (Oct 27, 2011) the degenerative arthritis in her neck was causing her such pain and she progressively lost the use of 2 of her legs.  Medications were not helping so we made the decision to have her put down.   We had 8 amazing years with this “old” setter that so many people passed up!  She was in the prime of her life – house broken, trained to basic commands, moderate setter energy (which means she played hard outside and was nice and calm inside).  The only bad habit she had was that she loved trash cans and their stinky, yucky contents!  My guess is, that was from living as a stray dog for so long!  We just put the can out of reach… A small price to pay for a dog that everyone loved!  She is missed dearly and I treasure the memories we have of Maybelline!  
Don’t overlook the older dogs!!  You may just pass up the best dog in the neighborhood!!