Young At Heart

Testimony from Aimee James, Abbie's mom.

In 2001, Abbie was 6-1/2 when she found me through ACES.  She was well behaved from the start and didn't seem "old" at all. All she wanted were long walks, companionship, and a soft place to sleep.  She had these deep dark eyes that could melt your heart, and won attention from anyone she met.  She never barked, she'd just stand there staring at you until you realized what she wanted.  Abbie loved to travel, and we went many places together - Abbie riding in her mesh crate with her head poking out the top.  She developed health problems but she fought them well and enjoyed life to the end.  Abbie was a real "trooper."  

After being together for 6 years and 1 month, I helped Abbie to the bridge on December 26, 2007.  I remember best... her little pink nose that would get sunburned if she stayed out too long, expressive eyes that told you everything, soft orange ears, and setter ticking only her momma could see. I hope she is playing at the bridge with eyes that clearly see the birds and butterflies that she so loved to point, ears that hear the birds chirping and the wind in the trees, and legs that will carry her anywhere she wants to go.