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Young At Heart

Testimony from Dorice Nelson: Owned by Barney (8 yrs young) and Abbey (9 yrs young).

We've had Barney (blue male) for almost two years. He's a wonderful pup. He's recently gotten very affectionate, still peruses our two acres, obeys the invisible fence boundaries, and loves to ride in the car. He's the kind of dog you could take with you anywhere. He's just a good old boy.

We've had Abbey (orange female) for a year. She's an absolute affectionate angel. She loves everyone, still plays with her toys, does silly girl things, plays with Barney when she feels like it and initiates the play as well. She's the brave one. If another dog comes into the yard, she's the one who monitors the play and protects Barney. If he plays with her too hard, she lets him know with a sneer and low growl, dances for her meals and will still climb in your lap to cuddle...if you can stand a 50 pound dog on your lap.