SUZY 2010

Hello ACES,

Suzy, her "brother" Griffin and I now live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Lots of birds here for Suzy to chase and the weather has us outside all the time!

Sadly, Suzy has been very ill for the past several months. She was diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia, a condition where her body stops making platelets. I'm happy to report she has responded well to treatment. I was told by the vets only 50% of dogs respond positively so we are blessed. She spent 4 days in the hospital with excellent care.

Suzy is 9 years young now and I felt it wasn't her time to go to the rainbow bridge yet. Hopefully she will continue to do well. Here is a picture of Suzy getting a massage to help her feel better. The look on her face is precious.

My best to all of you and the outstanding work for do for English Setters!!

Hugs, Sue, Suzy and Griffin

We're so sorry to hear Suzy has been ill.  Since she responded well to treatment, we're hoping she has many more happy years with her forever family.  It's heart-warming to hear how much she is loved and pampered.