SKY 2005

Skywalker "Sky" Borelli
Adopted March 2005
Birthday ~ 11/21/2004

Sky was about 13 weeks old when I got him as an ACES foster. It took less than one minute to become a foster failure! He is deaf and a momma's boy. He has his quirks, but is very happy-go-lucky! His favorite thing to do is to spend all day hunting shadows. He is loved to the moon and back, and I can't imagine the last almost 12 years without him! Attached are a puppy picture and current picture. Notice he is on dog beds with setters on the fabric!

All my other ACES setters have gone to the bridge, but only after living a long and happy life.

Marcy (Buchanan) Borelli

After all these years, it sounds like Sky is the same lovable scamp!  We're so glad to hear he's still that happy-go-lucky pup.