JAKE 2006

I'm inspired by the Where Are They Now stories. I adopted Jake in 2006 when he was around 2, and he has been the best dog! He has lived a charmed life in western Massachusetts and in Colorado (where we moved 9 years ago). Over the years Jake ran hundreds (probably thousands) of miles with me. Now he prefers to walk around the neighborhood and trot around the backyard. Jake thinks he's a lap dog (and weighs close to 50 lbs), loves to cuddle, and follows me like a shadow. Jake was diagnosed with a lung tumor and an autoimmune disease last summer and has had excellent care at the CSU veterinary school hospital in Fort Collins. He seems to be feeling much better now than he did a year ago so I look forward to spoiling Jake for the months or years ahead!

I'm grateful to ACES for sending him to me!



I bet Jake loved every one of the thousand miles he ran with you.  We're so sorry to hear that he has been ill, but it's wonderful that you were able to take him to CSU for such excellent care.  We hope you have years ahead with Jake.