ACES Jack(son) is an Ohio Buckeye now, and he prefers snowy winters to the Georgia heat! Since early 2012 he has been a part of the family, sharing space with a geriatric poodle Veda and Molly the cat, who rules the house. His favorite activity is running in the pasture and woods, though walks at the park are a close second. He has DOZENS of squirrels to monitor in the back yard, and many birds at the feeders, and has a running and chasing game he plays with the old horse. What a good boy he is too ... putting up with the various grand-dogs invading his space and always willing to play with them.

Jackson hit the jackpot in Ohio with a loving family, including poodle and cat siblings, and visiting grand-dogs.  What setter wouldn't love room to run, walks in the park, and squirrels, birds, and a horse to chase!