Meet Crystal and Trixie, the Dakota girls!

Two setters x two years = 1 very happy pack!

Two years ago, it wasn't the right time for a new dog (I was laid off from my job), and I certainly wasn't thinking about two setters . . . but then I met these 2 lovely girls and saw the deep bond between them.

Crissy was so sad at losing her family. Now she is a happy, social setter who loves children, pizza delivery guys, and Justin Bieber. She is a big favorite of the children in the neighborhood. Little Trixie was so thin and so anxious about being re-homed again. Now she's gained weight, muscle and confidence and walks with a cute little prance. While Trixie has become more independent, she is still the incredibly sweet, cuddly little sugar bump who stole everyone's heart.

Adopting two setters is still the best idea ever.

What a great formula for happiness!  2 setters x 2 years = 1 happy pack!  We love it when dogs who have grown up together can stay together in their new forever home.  Thank you for taking a chance on these two girls at once.