Dear ACES family,

I thought you might enjoy a six month update about me! I am adjusting beautifully to my new "forever home" with my best friend and big brother Dudley! I enjoy my daily 2 mile walks with Dudley and Dad! I like to explore, and am fascinated by birds and squirrels!! Dudley is very patient with me, he has even taught me how to play tug games with him! My Mom and I completed beginner obedience training and I am happy to say, I was an awesome student and passed with flying colors!! I love my big brother Dudley, I am his shadow...always interested in what he is doing and curious about where he is going! Meal time is a highlight for us...Breakfast and dinner are delicious! Lunch time snacks vary, but include fruits...apples, blueberries and raspberries are my favorites, as well as vegetables, including cucumber, lettuce and green beans! We are very spoiled and well loved dogs!

I have had my mischievous moments - some highlights include discovering Mom and Dad's closet where I enjoyed chewing on one of my Dad's leather slippers and 2 pairs of Mom's favorite shoes! I also sampled a baseboard during a moment of boredom! They forgave me, but I still got a firm lecture! My crate has been put away, as I am well behaved in the house and prefer to sleep on the bed with my family! I really love Mom and Dad's bed! It serves a few different purposes for me ... among them, my window on the world for surveying the scenery and critters outside in the morning; an indoor playground for me to frolic and play on with my toys in the afternoon (Mom seriously frowns about that. I hear another lecture coming) and best of all, being the center of attention with chats about my antics that day and lots of pets before snuggling in for the night. :)

I have even gone on a couple of road trips: Canada in the Fall, and Florida for Christmas. In the short time, I have lived in my new home!

Life is good and I am very happy!


Bandit (ACES Benny)

Bandit, we are so happy you wrote to ACES!  It sounds like you have found the perfect home: a family to love you and also laugh when you're being a scamp.  We're thrilled that you're finally living the good life that you deserve.