Ziva, A Rescue Story

Hi Folks,

My name is Ziva and I'd like to share my rescue story with you. I was recently picked up as a stray by animal control in Georgia. A nice lady sprung me from the shelter and arranged for me to become an ACES setter. At first, everyone thought I was just another 4-month old puppy, but then they noticed something else about me. Sure, I'm cuter than your average puppy, but besides my good looks, they noticed I was limping. It looked like I had something wrong with my leg. So off to the vet I went! In addition to Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations, I got meds for my ears, a bath and flea treatment. The vet was concerned upon examining my leg, so X-rays were next. I don't remember much about my younger days, and even if I do, I can't tell anyone due to the silly language barrier between me and my humans. Anyway, the vet thinks I suffered serious trauma to my back leg. The X-rays showed that my femur had been broken. To make matters worse, my bones have started to heal on their own and it seems they haven't done it correctly. Before I could be treated, I had to get to my foster home.

Turns out, "home" is a long way from Georgia. ACES asked volunteers to help me get from Georgia to Indiana. Several kind people offered me a ride even though it was Labor Day weekend. Another volunteer let me stay overnight along the way. When I finally got to my foster home, I was so glad to get out of the car. I don't like car rides much anyway and I travelled a very long way. Was I ever surprised to see a fenced yard and lots of setters to play with. My foster mom was very happy to see me too!

Guess what was in store for me in Indiana? Another trip to the vet to see what can be done about my leg. Sure enough, my new vet determined that my bones don't know much about healing themselves. The two broken parts did not heal end to end but rather side by side, which means that my broken femur is now only about half as long as it should be. It doesn't hurt anymore, but one leg is definitely longer than the other, and I'm still growing. The vet had more up her sleeve for me...heartworm and flea treatments, antibiotics for the places I've scratched the fleas, a followup ear check, and a few yummy treats. She wants me to go see an Orthopedic Surgeon to see if they can fix my leg. My foster mom says we are going next week. The vet also discovered that I'm not a silly puppy, I'm a young lady. My new vet thinks I'm about 6 months old. I even have all my adult teeth. I guess that tooth I lost on the overnight transport was my last puppy tooth! I'll admit I may look younger since I'm such a petite girl. I only weigh 18 lbs., but the food in my foster home is great so I'll probably be putting on some weight.

While I wait to see the surgeon, I'm going to relax and play with my foster brothers and sisters. I'll report more after my appointment so check back for my updates and new photos. I'd love to tell you more about my new life with ACES. If you'd like to be my foster friend or help with my expenses, there's a link below. I LOVE having lots of friends! I'm happier now than I've ever been, but I know folks are worried about my leg, so I think I need all the help and good wishes I can get. Thank you for reading my story.

Love and puppy kisses,
Your friend Ziva

September 19, 2009

Hi everyone! I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon and I liked him a lot. He took more X-rays of my leg; there were 6 vet techs to help him. I was a very good girl so he didn't need so much help, but they all said they wanted to see the cute puppy. I think that means me!! So I was a popular girl at the Clinic. And then the surgeon had good news! Well, it was mostly good. He said he doesn't want to do surgery on my leg ... at least not right now. He said even though it's crooked, he thinks my body can heal it pretty well since I am so young. He said I am already growing new bone around the break and he wants to give it some more time to heal. We made an appointment to go back in a month to have more X-rays and check how it's healing. If it doesn't finish healing the way the surgeon thinks is best for me, he will do the surgery then. In the meantime, he said he wants me to "rest the heck out of my leg." (I don't know why, but I think I heard my foster mom groan when he said that.) That's going to be pretty hard for me because "rest" is not a word I really understand. He told my foster mom, "No running, no jumping, minimal walking." So it looks like I'm on bed rest for the next month. I behave pretty well in a crate but when my foster mom takes me out on a leash, I want to play, play, play. Sometimes she tries to let me play with my foster brother Gilbert on the dog bed, but I usually get excited and start jumping around so it's back in a crate for me. I have lots of toys and treats and chew bones in the crate, so I guess it's not so bad. I asked my foster mom to show you a few more pictures of me, playing with my favorite foster brother Gilbert, trying to be good playing with a ball, and falling asleep with my bone. I'll report more soon.

Sending puppy kisses to all,

September 27, 2009

Hi! I thought it might get boring around here with me being "on bedrest," but there's always something going on! First, I was spayed this week. Now, I'm usually a pretty happy girl. I love everyone and I even love to go to the vet clinic. This time, not so much. They took very good care of me, but I just didn't feel very good for a couple days. My foster mom says I moaned and groaned a lot, but I figure I had to express myself, right? Anyway, I'm feeling great again, and I'm back to my old self. I hear my incision looks great, but I still have to take it easy because of my leg.

The other excitement here this week was that one of my foster sisters, Becca, was adopted and went home on Saturday. We were all very excited for her, and I hear that one day I will find a home of my very own too. We will all miss her, except for Mikey the cat.  Mikey, not so much.  I asked my foster mom to show you a picture of the first time I met Becca, along with a couple others of me recuperating this week. Well, that's about all the news for now.

Puppy hugs to everyone,
Your friend Ziva

October 4, 2009

Hello friends,

If it's not one thing, it's another! You may not remember, but I had lots of fleas when I was found. The fleas are all gone but I'm still really itchy. My vet prescribed antibiotics and benedryl, but that didn't help. Then we did a skin scraping, but it was negative. Next, we did a skin biopsy and it came back that I have bacterial dermatitis with hypersensitivity to bacteria. I'm not really sure what that means; all I know is that I'm still scratching away. So now I'm on new medicine for a month ... a stronger antibiotic and a prescription antihistamine. Actually, my foster mom puts the pills in a bite of cream cheese so I love taking pills. However, my foster mom also has to give me two baths every week and I don't like the baths much at all.

Otherwise, I'm learning lots of fun things from my foster brothers and sisters. This week, my foster sister taught me how to crouch down close to the ground and hold very still, then pounce on the other dogs when they come close to me. This is a really fun game but my foster mom discourages pouncing and still won't let me off leash, so I just do my best to copy my sister. My leg is feeling better and I'm ready to play, play, play. Above are some pictures showing how good my leg works so maybe you can convince my foster mom to let me play. Sometimes I get so frustrated in my crate that I flip the cushion off my bed, crawl underneath it, and try to hide. The best news is that I get to come to the ACES Reunion next week. I still won't be able to run and play yet, but I hear that I'll meet lots of new friends. I can't wait!

Puppy kisses,
Your friend Ziva

October 18, 2009

Hi everyone!

Sorry I was away for a while, but I went to the ACES Reunion. It was a v-e-r-y long trip, but I was a v-e-r-y good girl. And WOW, was it ever fun! I met so many new friends. I don't think I've ever seen so many dogs and people in one place. I still had to take it easy because of my leg. I had to stay on a leash, but lots of people walked me and let me sit in their laps; thank you to everyone who helped. A special thanks to Terri, Laura, Sam and Heidi who all spent a lot of time with me at the park. Heidi said she could have sworn she heard me whisper, "I'm a puma in the grass" because I love to stalk-and-pounce. When I got cold, Sam covered me with a sweatshirt and held me in her lap to keep me warm. Terri thought I was the cutest little girl ever. Laura is a young lady closer to my size; she is so good with dogs and she took great care of me. The most exciting Reunion news is that my favorite foster brother, Gilbert, found his forever home right there at the picnic! I'm really happy for him, but I miss him too. I had to find a new favorite playmate, so now two of my other foster brothers take turns playing with me.

I went back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon this week and guess what! He said my leg was healing itself even better than he expected so I'm now released to run and play. Woo-Hoo! Finally! My foster mom said she would not have believed my latest X-ray was of the same leg because my bone is healing so nicely. So I can run and play and pounce all I want. Life is good!

Now we just have to figure out what's making me so itchy. The new medication is helping a little but not enough. So I'm going back to my regular vet for a re-check soon. I'll keep you posted. Well, I have foster brothers waiting for me in the back yard, so I've got to go run-run-run and run some more!

Puppy hugs & kisses from your friend,

October 23, 2009

Hello Friends,

It's been another busy week! I'm making up for lost time. I race circles around the yard like I'm in the Indy 500! One of my foster sisters and I stalk each other from across the yard and then someone pounces and then we run, run, run like the wind. It's so much fun and do I ever sleep at night.

I went back for a recheck with my vet because I'm still itching. She wasn't very happy with my dry skin and sparse coat. So I'm going to keep taking the antihistamine until the weather cools off and I also started eating a new Ultra Allergen Free food. We're going to see if that helps. It was fun going to the vet clinic. I get a lot of attention and guess what! I've gained almost 10 lbs. so I'm really growing into a young lady. I also met a 9-week old lab puppy in the reception area. I pointed at him to let him know I wanted to play. Everyone laughed but I was very serious ... I held very still and kept pointing until his mom said we could play. We only got to play for a few minutes though because his mom picked him up when I bopped him in the head with my paw, but it was still fun.

Now that Gilbert went to his forever home, Rugby (another foster brother) is my new favorite playmate. I liked to chew on Gilbert's ears and Rugby has nice long ears to chew on too. However, Rugby also has those loose setter lips so those lips are even more fun to pull on than ears! I usually play nice enough that he doesn't mind too much. My foster mom took a couple pictures of us playing together. She also took a picture of me and Claudette. Claudette is nice but she doesn't appreciate puppy shenanigans, so she only lets me cuddle up next to her once in a while. I just love having foster siblings to play and snuggle with!

I'm off for another lap around the yard before bedtime. Thanks for checking in with me.

Your Best Puppy Friend,

November 11, 2009

Hi Folks,

I've been very busy since last time. Now that I don't have to take it easy on my leg, do I ever find plenty to do! Afterall, I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I'm still a petite little girl but I am really growing ... mostly my legs. My foster mom says I look like a ballerina or a baby deer. I've been learning lots of new tricks. One of my foster brothers taught me how much fun it is to run in between human legs. When your foster mom is walking slow in front, you can zip right through and then turn and around and wait for her. My foster mom says I remind her of a cat because I like to rub up against her as I walk around her legs.

Guess what I got to do this week? My foster mom said she'd let me have a chance to learn to sleep outside of my crate. Wow, is that ever cool! Actually, I've been a very good girl. I go right to sleep and I don't get up in the night to wander around. Of course, my favorite place to sleep is in bed with my foster mom, snuggled right up next to her. I guess I make all sorts of moans and groans when I get tired and stretch out before going to sleep. My foster mom must think it's kind of cute because she always laughs and makes noises back at me.

I've been working on my pointing and pouncing skills. Here are some pictures that show me practicing. Of course, I'm so fast that some of the pictures were just a blur of Ziva, Super Puppy!

I think my itching is getting a little better. It's about time for another vet check to see if I'm ready to start looking for my forever home. I'll keep you posted. Have a great week! I know I will.

Puppy hugs & kisses,
Your friend, Ziva

Ziva's Rescue Angels

Steve, Teri, and Sydney Sauer
Tara Bunnell
Pat & Greg Bonetti
For Ziva from Ethan, Stella, and Jerome Brillaud. Hope you feel better soon.
Kathleen McFadden
Shirley Mayfield
Terri Furniss

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Deb O'Day and her setters, Clancey and Barkley, hope that Ziva gets well soon

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