Welcome Tara Bunnell as ACES Fundraising Coordinator

ACES welcomes Tara Bunnell to our group as our Fundraising Coordinator. Tara's activities will focus on new ACES fundraising initiatives. As you know, ACES is a non-profit organization and our adoption fees do not cover the cost of vetting our foster dogs. We rely on fundraising efforts to provide the needed veterinary care for our setters.

Tara Bunnell was first introduced to English Setters in 1998 when "Handsome" found his way to her. Handsome was being boarded at a kennel indefinitely because his owner's new wife was allergic to him. Tara took Handsome home and immediately fell in love with him ... and with the breed. When looking for another dog in 2004, Tara came across the ACES website and adopted her sweet little Emma. Since then, she has adopted two more ACES setters, Alf and Chelsea (pictured here).

As an adopter, Tara has always taken a special interest in ACES foster dogs and how their lives are brightened once they come into rescue. She has been an active volunteer, especially contributing to our annual Reunion. She has presented several ideas to the Board of Directors and we are looking forward to seeing her ideas in action! Glad to have you as part of the team, Tara!