Welcome Aimee James as ACES Special Projects Coordinator

ACES is pleased to announce that Aimee James will serve as our Special Projects Coordinator. As Special Projects Coordinator, Aimee will work with the Board of Directors to identify outside resources when ACES dogs are faced with special challenges. She will also contribute to ACES fundraising and special events.

Aimee first found ACES in 2001 when she started looking to adopt a dog. Having grown up with English Setters, she was looking at the breed but wasn't ready for a young energetic dog. She found Abbie, a young-at-heart setter, who at 6 years of age was a perfect fit. Aimee and Abbie had great adventures together. In 2007, shortly before Abbie went to the Rainbow Bridge, ACES Biggles joined Aimee's family. Aimee (and Biggles) served as a foster home for a couple years, until Biggles insisted that foster ACES Sara should stay. Aimee continues to drive on transports and will foster now and again in a pinch. Otherwise, Aimee spends most of her days in nice weather walking to the park with Sara and Biggles. In the summer, Biggles is a regular at the dog biscuit booth at the farmer's market. He won't leave the market until he gets his treat.

Aimee's passion for English Setters and her willingness to help wherever needed has always been an asset to ACES. We are happy to have her as our Special Projects Coordinator. Welcome aboard, Aimee!