There's No Place Like Home

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Cashmere not only easily adjusted to being in a house after having been kenneled outside for his 13 years, but he mastered the greatest rescue trick of all, finding a forever family! Cash travelled two days to join his new sister ACES Lucy and family and has settled in quite nicely. We are thankful to the volunteers who helped Cash get home, the donors who help provide the extra medical care a senior may need, and the families like Cashmere's who see the value of adopting an older dog.  Read Cash's update below:

Cash is doing nicely and settling into his new home. He loves to be with people and follows us room to room. Brian works from home so Cash is upstairs with him most of the day on the dog bed sleeping. He has mastered the doggy door and will go out on his own but prefers to stay in the house. He has had no accidents in the house but lifts his leg plenty when outside. We have started walking with him and he flies out the front door once he knows we are going. He absolutely loves the walks we go on and spends a lot of time sniffing and checking out the neighborhood. He seems to handle 2 miles well, and we hope to get his back legs stronger so we can take him on some of the shorter hikes we do.

Cash and Lucy live harmoniously in the house and sleep together on the bed with us at night. Cash has tested every couch and bed in the house and is free to go where he wants. I have to laugh because he rolls on his back and has tumbled onto the floor which is so funny. His appetite is super and he never misses a chance to hang in the kitchen with us hoping a scrap will fall.

Cash is an absolute love, and we are happy with our decision to make him part our family.