With Gratitude

It is with heartfelt gratitude and well wishes that we announce Trish Bloemker Sowers, longtime ACES treasurer, will be stepping down from her post on December 31st 2014. For many years, Trish was on the ACES Board of Directors, providing input on policies and decisions that guided the growth of ACES. We on the Board of Directors – and people all across the ACES community - will miss Trish’s unrelenting energy, sage advice, and passion for rescue at all levels. Trish and her husband JC have served ACES and our setters for many hours a week, over several years. They have partnered in all their efforts and their contributions to ACES have always been as a team. Trish and JC first became involved in ACES when they adopted ACES Nigel in October 2003.

For the past 11 years, they have contributed to ACES in so many roles and so many ways that we can’t begin to capture all of their efforts. Trish started off processing adoption applications. When she was assistant transport coordinator, Trish and JC arranged transports and put in many miles (and still do!) helping with ACES transports. We can only imagine how long some of those trips were when they lived in Colorado!

Trish also served as a foster care coordinator. At the time, ACES did not have a foster care manual to guide foster families, and Trish took care of that: She wrote the first foster care manual and started putting many of the ACES policies in writing. With many dogs all across the country, Trish treated her role like a full-time job: always on call and always responsive.

As Trish’s role with ACES evolved, she became ACES Treasurer. She and JC helped ACES move over into computerized accounting and have guided the organization financially in that role. Trish believes in the personal touch and connection to ACES volunteers, donors, and adopters. Many of you who have donated to ACES have received Trish’s personalized thank-you notes, each of which describes a setter ACES has helped over the years. Her attention to detail is matched only by her dedication.

Many of us also know Trish and JC as a dedicated foster family. They have fostered over 35 dogs starting with Abbey in 2003, and have adopted 5 ACES dogs – the famous “Sowers Setters”: Abbey (age 12), Nigel (age 11), Pepper (age 14), Basil (age 8) and Doodle (at the Rainbow Bridge). We can’t leave out Winston who, while not adopted through ACES, was a very special member of the Sowers Setters until he went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2013.

Please join us in expressing our thankfulness to Trish and JC. They will both be missed. We look forward to hearing stories of their adventures as they move to a new chapter.