Laura with ACES Tucker and SashaACES is very excited about offering a new sponsorship program!  Over the years, we've received many e-mails from kids who want to know how they can help.  One recent e-mail, from a passionate teenager named Laura, prompted ACES to create our new program, Setter Sidekicks. 

 Laura explains what inspired her to help ACES: "I've always loved helping animals.   I especially like working with ACES because it is more personal than other organizations.  After meeting several foster dogs at the ACES Reunion, I wanted to help them since I couldn't adopt them. I've been interested in the Foster Friends Program for some time. This seemed the best way to help, maybe to buy fosters treats and toys.  My only setback was that, as a teenager, I couldn't afford even the lowest monthly amount.  So my mom and I e-mailed the Board, asking if I could be a junior foster friend.  I was so excited when they responded YES!  Now, I'm Claudette's friend."

 Thank you, Laura, for your wonderful suggestion!  Read more about the new program.