Holiday Fun

Alf Bunnell skipped the Halloween costume and asked for belly rubs instead

Chelsea Bunnell as Wonder Woman for Halloween

Lollipop, Bax family holiday

Snowman Rugby Harlow

Snow Dog Cooper Pontius

Cooper Pontius enjoys Thanksgiving

Jack, Aussie, and Annabelle Thompson are ready for snow

Jack Flash Thompson

Santa Jack Thompson

Santa's helper, Layla Sperry

Reindeer Layla Sperry

Handsome Jack Young

Christmas Present Annie Lamy

Jack Young

Santa Jack Young

Jack Young

Jack Young

Snowy Jack Young

Carter Barreau waiting for Santa

Phillips Family Pup

Phillips Family Pup

Phillips Family Pup

Reindeer Biggles James w/Santa

Sara James loves Santa

Sara James steals Santa's hat

Santa Biggles James

Sara and Biggles James wait for Santa under the tree

Wyatt, Julie, Eva Jackson meet Santa

Carter Barreau loves the Christmas mess

Bax pups with new Baby Bax

Bax Snow Pups

Bax Family Holiday

Lollipop, Buddy and Piper Bax

With the fall and winter holidays upon us, we thought it might be fun to see how our pups celebrate the holidays. Please share photos of your setters dressed up for Halloween, stuffing themselves with turkey or enjoying the fall and winter weather.

Did your pup get lots of presents from Santa? Who likes to play in the snow and who would rather sleep the day away?

Send us your pictures and we'll post add them here for everyone to enjoy.

Please email photos to

Happy Holidays!!!