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ACES has successfully treated many dogs for heartworm over theyears. Dogs must complete treatment and receive an "all clear" from theirveterinarian before they can be adopted. So, a heartworm positive dog mayremain in foster care for several months waiting for their forever home. During the past few months, we have taken ina couple heartworm positive dogs who are making their way through treatment sothat they can make their website debut.

All ACES dogs are tested for heartworm and given preventive once they enter foster care.   So, foster parents might think about heartworm a bit more often, holding their breath until their foster comes back heartworm negative.  The existing preventive medications are excellent at preventing an infection, when they are used regularly.   Most veterinarians recommend that dogs stay on preventive year-round, not just in the summer when mosquitos are most evident.

Many dogs are not fortunate enough to be on heartworm preventive and they contract heartworm disease.  They then have to undergo treatment for this disease.  Treating heartworms isn’t easy and can be risky.  Once dogs receive the treatment, they must be kept on activity restriction for one to four months, depending on the vet’s recommendation. (Can you imagine keeping your setter in a crate and on a leash for four months straight?) However, keeping the dog calm and restricting activity are important for minimizing complications from treatment, such as pulmonary embolism (blockage in the arteries due to the worms).  Some complications can be fatal.   Treatment is also expensive, often costing between 400 and 800 dollars.  If a dog experiences complications, it can cost over $1,000. 

ACES has successfully treated many dogs for heartworm over the years.  Lately, it seems more and more of the dogs we take in test positive and need treatment.   ACES Spot completed his treatment and has bounced back to a healthy vigor.  ACES Snow was also treated successfully.  We have some other dogs waiting in the wings to finish their treatment and make their website debut.  Dogs must complete treatment and receive an “all clear” from their veterinarian before they can be adopted.  So, a heartworm positive dog may remain in foster care for several months waiting for their forever home.


One month’s preventive = $10
Keep a foster healthy for two months = $25
Heartworm test = $50
Help treat a dog = $100

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Frances Rathbone, in honor of ACES Lucy for heartworm treatment
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