ACES Gracie Update

Gracie came into ACES in August 2011 when she broke her femur during a field trial and needed surgery. Her former owner declined treatment, but the emergency vet, an ACES adopter, contacted ACES and asked if we could help. She didn't want to see this lovely girl lose her life. One of our foster families stepped up to take in Gracie and see her through extensive recovery and physical therapy. So many of you followed Gracie's progress that we thought Gracie's fans would like to hear how she's doing in her forever home.

Gracie's leg is doing really well and has 95+% of the muscle that the other leg does. She does not seem to notice the difference. Sometimes, if she cuts a fast, sharp right turn, she slips, but keeps on going. Gracie does not have that flying leap that so many setters have, but she does not seem to know or care. Gracie's scar is about six inches long, but is only visible when she is soaking wet. Her coat has filled in nicely and her feathers are slowly growing. She is now almost 17 months old and 40 pounds of solid muscle.

Gracie's family says, "THANK YOU! Thank you for saving our little girl with the indomitable spirit. She makes us laugh every day. Everyone who has met Gracie comments on her personality and her friendliness. From the very first day, Gracie has gotten along with ACES Tucker (adopted in 2004). They are the best of friends and rarely have a serious argument. Gracie has rejuvenated Tucker, who's now 7½ years old. Amazingly, Tucker will let Gracie take toys right out of his mouth."

Gracie loves to greet her family in the morning by grabbing a slipper and taking off - the games have begun! Of course, the slipper is dropped as soon as you say the magic word – out! The backyard is Gracie's kingdom. She loves to be outside and runs for the pure joy of running. If she is not running, she is investigating some new find in the yard. Pointing the birds and digging holes are her other favorite activities. Playing chase with her humans is another fun activity. She likes to hide behind the barbecue grill until her family starts to panic. Tucker will run and chase with Gracie, until he has had enough, but Gracie will keep running and running.

Inside, Gracie loves to sit on the window seat and watch the world go by. Nothing escapes her notice. She also likes to chew bones or shred stuffies. If she wants to play, she will play bow to Tucker or bop him with a paw until he responds. Guests are greeted exuberantly because they must have come to see her. At night, Gracie settles nicely and loves to snuggle. She also likes to be carried so she can look over your shoulder.

Gracie's family took her to obedience class and she did well. Of course, like many setters, Gracie does not always think commands are directed at her, but she continues to get better with practice.

Gracie's adoptive family says, "Gracie is our third ACES dog. We are blessed to have her and so grateful to have been chosen as her family. Thank you to our ACES family for all that you do."