ACES volunteers come from all over the country to give of their time and treasures. For that, we are always thankful. Our greatest need has always been a place for our homeless English Setters to stay while they wait for adoption. Every one of our dogs lives in foster care as a member of the family until their own, special family comes along to take them home. ACES literally hears about a needy setter every single day. That's 30 setters a month. Based on our foster home capacity, we have to say, "Sorry, we can't help" to about 85% of them each month. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we said, "Yes, we can help that dog" to more of them? All we need is you.

What does a foster setter ask of you? A warm home, a bowl of food, and a good dose of love. Some of our setters come from kennels and need to learn how to live in a home, some of them need time to regain confidence and rebuild trust, some of them need medical attention, and some of your dogs might need to learn how to share their home. But a little time invested into settling a homeless setter into your home is worth the new life you hand your setter when he is adopted. Consider adding "foster an English Setter" to your list of resolutions for the New Year.