Spread the Holiday Cheer - THANK YOU!

Thanks so much to all of our ACES supporters who helped us spread the holiday cheer in 2016!  Many of you submitted photos of your adorable Setters and other pets to be added to our Santa Setter photo gallery.  We loved seeing the pictures of your happy pets, and we know the photos brought smiles to many during the holiday season.  If you missed the chance to view all of our sweet Santa Setters (or if you just want to browse through the gallery again), just click on the gallery to zoom in, then page through the 30+ photos to see these cute Santa Setters celebrating the holidays in their forever homes.

As holiday and year-end donations arrived, Santa Setter placed another present under Snoopy's Christmas tree, and the pile of presents increased every week.  We are very grateful for our ACES extended family of adopters, volunteers and donors who helped us put more presents under the tree this year.  Your donations helped us cover medical expenses of our foster dogs in 2016 and enable us to continue helping needy Setters in the coming year.  

Our Santa Setters and the ACES Directors thank you for your support during the holidays and throughout the year.  We are very grateful for your support, and wish you a very happy and healthy 2017!


Pat & Greg Bonetti with Santa Setters Lucky, Eden and Buddy
Aimee James with Santa Setters Biggles, Sara and Dudley
Jane Seibert with Santa Setter Jazzy
Rich and Joanne Egan with Santa Setter Vanna
Joe Graves with Santa Setter Murray
Patrick, Dawn, and Santa Setters Sully, Roscoe and Spencer - Merry Christmas to the ACES family!
Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki with Santa Setters Jasmine and Linden - Merry Christmas!
Steve & Terri Sauer - Secret Santa Sophia wants to send Christmas cheer to all the fostered Setters!
Helen Sandford with Santa Setter Sugar - Thanks for 10 years of love from Sugar (ACES AnnaLee 2006) and me!
Brenda Dail with Santa Setter Miles
Amy Vogt
Karen Boeckem
Terri & Bob Furniss with Santa Setter Shiloh
George & Pat Burk, donation in honor of Zorro and Cashmere
Carl DeLucca, in memory of Benny, Punch and Spirit,  Merry Christmas!
Tom Swanson with Santa Setters Ernie and Cece - donation for Carolina Belle's medical expenses
Greg & Michelle White, in memory of Winnie (ACES Chi Chi) and Bailey, her Setter brother
Rob and Linda Corr with Santa Setter Cotton
Janice Harlow with Santa Setters Sebastian and Keller
Tina Szoka and Greg Rheumes with Santa Setters Ziva and Suket
Jennifer Wissink, in honor of my sister, Dr. Aimee James, a devoted ACES volunteer and for the English Setter dogs that we have loved
Tom Dunleavy with Santa Setter Sydney - Sydney says "Merry Christmas"
Linda Schofield - Thank you for all that you do - Merry Christmas
Richard & Gretchen Bogert in memory of Daisy Bogert - to help dogs coming into ACES needing medical care
Bonnie Bowers with Santa Setters Jesse (ACES Julie) and Hope
Megan Shandelson
John Butcher & Gerri Baker with Santa Setter Henna
Joan Davis
Steve & Maria Mishkind with Santa Setters Earle, Loretta and ACES Rowdy
Paul Wheeler
Rona & Arty Forman with Santa Setters Yoshi and Livy
Don & Karen Clayton with Santa Setters Dot & Isabella
Cathy & Larry Williams with Santa Setter Katey
Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast - Glenn & Ashley Mon with Santa Setters Bentley and Noble 
Linda Morey & James Burnham - in honor of Ziva Szoka and Suket Szoka
David & Anne Propst with Santa Setter Archie
Joel & Nancy Scott with Santa Setter Ozzy
Lauren Arnold & Bijal Parikh and Brandon & Ashlyn, in honor of Biggles, Sara and Dudley James