ACES said goodbye to another beloved setter. Carolina Belle has been in foster care for almost a year while we searched for solutions to a multitude of health issues. Belle suffered from gulping/choking episodes, either brought on by anxiety or as a result of seizures. She also had a swallowing disorder, a pica disorder, and Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease among other medical issues. Fortunately, Belle also had a loving foster family and many veterinarians in her corner. ACES tried everything to provide Belle with relief: traditional medicine, holistic therapies, supplements, and special diets, two soft palate surgeries, and numerous consultations with specialists. The sad fact is that Belle's condition worsened. She would have maybe three good days in a month. The rest of the time, she was consumed by her issues and spent most of her time in her bed. Belle was loved by everyone. At the end, the kindest action we could take was to offer her peace.