Happily Ever After Update:

Candy has been adopted by her foster family! After caring for this special girl for quite some time, they've decided that they can't possibly let her go. We're thrilled for Candy. It took her some time to get comfortable in foster care and to finally feel like she is home. Now, she is! Congratulations to Candy and Melissa!

We want to continue to thank everyone who participated in the Candy's Crusaders campaign. As her donors know, we received surprising news when Candy went in for her surgery for her cataracts on September 1. We were told by the specialist that now is not an optimal time for Candy's surgery. He feels that Candy should only have surgery when the degeneration of her eyesight has progressed to the point that she can no longer see without the surgery. He would not recommend risking Candy's general health to perform the surgery any earlier. We did not realize that this was the case. We certainly have Candy's best interest at heart, so we cancelled the surgery as recommended.

We know that Candy's story touched your heart. Please be assured that Candy can see; what she is really lacking, at this point, is depth perception. And, yes, because of this lack of perception, she does run into things but mostly when she is running around like the crazy, goofy setter that she is. Candy has been losing her sight gradually and, as a result, she has been able to compensate. Since we do not know when Candy will be an optimum candidate for surgery, many of Candy's Crusaders have asked that their donation be applied to the costs of Gracie's medical treatment.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care and support of Candy.

Here's Candy's story:

Candy is a beautiful setter girl who found herself needing rescue about a year ago. When she came into ACES, she was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Her cataracts are of the hereditary type so she has probably had them since she was young.

At the time, her vision in her right eye was limited, with the cataracts progressing in her left eye. At the re-check appointment, the vet determined that the vision in her left eye was now filtered. Candy is at the point where she needs eye surgery. The good news is that she is an excellent candidate and, with the surgery, she should regain all of her sight.

Despite her dimished sight, Candy continues to make her foster mom laugh. She has recently discovered the joys of mole hunting and, the other day, she wiggled her way under a 6 foot high, 6 foot wide pile of brush in the yard to get to some critters. Of course, once she was in, she could not find her way out. Luckily, Candy's foster mom was close at hand to rescue our silly girl. Once she was free from her confinement, she was so happy, she jumped around the yard like a crazy woman, er dog. Of course, wouldn't you know it, the next day, Candy was right back in the pile of brush.



Janice Harlow
Pat Bonetti
Carmel Broadfoot
Lina Chero - Lots of love and luck to Candy. I'm sure she'll get the cash she needs for her surgery and everything will be just as happy as she is. From Elijah Chero, English Setter!
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- Let's give that girl a beautiful outlook on life!
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Mary Barker -
ACES Cooper wants to give back so that Candy can see again...
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Melanie Balzer -
While it sounds like she's finding tiny critters with limited vision, can you only imagine what she'll find once her vision is 20/20!! Look out, world, Candy's on her way!!
Pat Pearson - in memory of Gracie, Tammy Barslund’s beloved setter
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