ACES Bocephus

ACES lost a good setter this past Saturday, January 14. Bocephus went peacefully at the vet's office with his family by his side. Bo had been suffering from metastatic cancer for several months. His foster family recently adopted him so that Bo would have a home. Of course, Bo did not need an official document to prove he was home. Ever since his foster family came forward to help Bo, this wonderful boy has been nothing but a part of their family. Bo loved everyone in the family and made himself at home, even earning a prized spot on the couch! He was also a hit with neighborhood friends and the local soccer teams. Bo will be dearly missed. Read more about Bo's story:

This past summer, four setters were turned into a shelter in North Carolina by their owner. When ACES heard the news, we starting working on a plan to take them into rescue. It's never easy to take in multiple dogs at once. We just don't have the luxury of several homes being open and waiting. With these setters, there was one more consideration: Bocephus who was 8 years old. It's even more difficult to find a foster home for an older dog. The reality is that senior dogs stay in foster care for a long time since most folks are looking to adopt dogs under the age of five. This past summer, ACES was lucky enough to have volunteers step up to take all four so no one was left at the shelter, including Bocephus.

Bo's foster mom couldn't understand why he was turned in to the shelter. He was such a nice country gentleman.  Bo liked other dogs and children, and he was housetrained. Bo's foster mom was pretty sure that her house was the first house he had been in. Even though everything inside was new to him, Bo had become quite a nice house dog in a very short time. Bo really loved meal time. He got excited at breakfast and dinner and always checked on the preparation progress. His foster mom had quite a few dinners to fix so he liked to come make sure his dinner was on the way or to find out if he could help. Bo really prefered to be in the house much more than outside, unless he was going for a walk. Bo loved his walks! Bo was soon listed on the ACES website, looking for his forever family.

At the end of September, Bo stopped eating and didn't seem well. He had a tumor on his spleen, a rare myxosarcoma. We had the tumor removed and started to look at options for Bo. In October, Bo developed three mast cell tumors, which were also removed. Sadly, we were told that Bo had four to eight months left in his life. Bo's foster family not only kept him comfortable, but they gave him all the love they could to make up for his first eight years. Bo died in January. Despite the outcome, ACES is thankful that we had a chance to help Bo. We are grateful that his foster family was willing to take him in, to nurse him through his sickness, and to give him the love and be the family he deserves.