For some reason, Jake is a pretty common name when it comes to male English Setters. ACES has had the pleasure of having 13 of them in our rescue. This Jake's story started out like most others. He was pulled from a shelter days before he was scheduled to be euthanized. He needed to be neutered, vaccinated, and tested for heartworms. He travelled through many states to get to his ACES foster home. And, he had most likely never been in a house and needed to learn that lifting his leg or standing on the table aren't proper manners. All of these experiences, like Jake's name, are pretty common.

However, Jake's health condition is not common. He is suffering from a yucky skin infection, resulting in a good amount of hair loss; he has a broken, infected tooth; there are a couple of growths in his ears and some skin tags on his belly; and Jake's right leg is anything but normal. Jake cannot fully use his leg and you can tell he is in pain. It turns out that Jake suffered a fracture in both bones in his leg some time ago. His owner had a pin inserted to stabilize the break, but Jake never rested properly and, as a result, his bones never healed correctly. To complicate matters, the pin is now working its way loose. Jake needed to see an orthopedic specialist.

Despite the abnormal shape of Jake's improperly healed bones, the joints are in line which is great, but Jake has lost a significant amount of muscle in his right leg and it is shorter than the left. Jake will be having surgery on January 31 to remove the pin and will follow up with physical therapy to restore muscle. While Jake is under anesthesia, the surgeon will also remove Jake's broken tooth, his tumors and the skin tags. Jake is already on medication for his skin condition and his hair is beginning to grow back.

Jake's surgery and therapy will cost approximately $3,000. ACES is thankful that Jake has a foster family that is committed to caring for Jake and doing whatever it takes to help him heal and regain full function in his leg. We are also thankful that we have an extended family of supporters who can also help restore Jake to full health. If you would like to donate to Jake's surgery and recovery, please click on the Donate button below to pay using your credit card at PayPal:

Or mail your donation to:

Another Chance for English Setters
c/o Trish Bloemker Sowers, Acct Mgr
7009 Franklin Rd
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Please indicate that you are helping Jake with your donation. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to Jake. ACES is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, so every donation is tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for all of your help. We'll keep you posted on Jake's progress!

UPDATE 2/1/2012

The surgery on Jake's leg went well. The pin was removed from his leg, as were the skin tags and the lesions in his ear. The vet said that although the tooth is broken, it is not causing Jake any problems. Jake spent the night at the specialists' clinic and his foster mom picked him up this afternoon. His activity will be limited for about a week so he can mend, and once his surgery site has healed, Jake will start physical therapy. Since Jake's bones are in good shape, he does not need a cast, and the specialist expects a speedy recovery with the physical therapy.

We wish that we could report that everything is smooth sailing for Jake from here on out, but he has developed another wrinkle. It turns out that Jake has a belly full of foreign objects. He started throwing some of them up after surgery, but there are still items that need to come out. So, Jake is back at the vet hospital tonight awaiting for another surgery tomorrow afternoon. This surgery will cost an additional $1,500. Our boy is going to be the bionic setter by the time all is done.

At this point, Jake needs all the help we can give him. His foster family is anxious to get him home and on the road to recovery. We're pretty sure Jake feels the same way. Thank you for all of your donations to date and keep those positive thoughts coming!

UPDATE 2/8/2012

Jake came home from his second surgery on Saturday, February 4. Jake is in good spirits and happy to be back with his foster family. The vet removed a terrible mess that used to be a dog toy from his stomach. Jake is on a special diet for his stomach that he eats up to five times a day. He's not too happy that treats and rawhides aren't on the prescribed menu! Jake will be able to go back to his regular food in two weeks. In the meantime, Jake's foster mom is trying to make him content with peanut butter Kongs. We need to give a shout-out to Jake's foster brother Ruairi, who is wondering what's happened to the bones and treats in his house. Poor boy whined in the kitchen by the treat counter for a half hour the other evening.

The best news is that Jake is using his leg now. You can tell he is still tender, but he is putting weight on his leg and is definitely walking better. Jake can now lay on that side of his body, which he was not able to do before the surgery, probably due to the pain. He is still covered in stitches from his two surgeries, but once those come out, he will start physical therapy. Jake's skin is also healing and he's no longer coated in smelly yellow crust. His ear infections are also under control and the growths that were removed were benign. Jake is on the road to recovery!

Jake's veterinary bills to date total just under $5,000. We have received a third of that amount from the generous donors on Jake's Restoration Team. It's not too late to help Jake. If you'd like to contribute, please see the donation information above. The ACES board, Jake's foster family and most of all Jake want to thank all of you for your support!

UPDATE 3/18/2012

Have you noticed? Jake's up for adoption! He came through both of his surgeries with flying colors, completed four weeks of physical therapy, endured skin and ear treatments, and survived a restricted diet. Our boy's condition has changed 180 degrees!

Throughout his ordeal, Jake has been quite the trooper. He has been nothing but patient, adaptable and inquisitive. His therapist couldn't believe what a joy he was to work with. He was eager to learn his exercises and was so well-behaved that he didn't even bat an eye at the underwater treadmill. His leg is completely healed, his ears are pink, his skin has cleared up, and his coat is growing in nicely. Jake is now healthy and happy and looking for his very own family.

ACES wants to thank Jake's foster family who has gone beyond the call of duty in caring for Jake. They have been with Jake every step of the way. We also want to thank all of the donors who have supported Jake's care. Team Jake raised more than $3,000 to offset the cost of his medical bills. Thank you all for your support!

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