Update:  Gracie's broken leg was repaired by plating. When she came out of surgery, the vet noticed that her ankle joint would not bend. Young dogs with leg fractures are at risk for this complication and can lose mobility in their joint or even end up losing their leg. To prevent any long-term damage, Gracie underwent intensive physical therapy. It has now been eight weeks since her surgery, and according to her X-rays and followup vet visits, Gracie's leg has completely healed. She's not able to run just yet because this poor little girl now has a serious infection from her spay. She's being treated and is on leash restriction for at least another week. Let's hope that Gracie heals quickly so she can join in on the Halloween fun!


Gracie needs surgery and she needs it soon! Gracie is a nine month old English Setter, um hold on, she's a nine month old adorable English Setter who has found herself in a medical mess. Gracie was training last week and ran into a post, fracturing her femur. Her owner brought her to the emergency room with the intent of euthanizing her since he didn't have the funds for the medical work and he didn't think she would recover for field work. Luck was on Gracie's side that day; the emergency room vet was an ACES adopter who took her in and contacted us.

Fixing Gracie's leg couldn't wait so we scheduled her surgery for August 25. The vet is donating some of the costs, but ACES will need to come up with approximately $1,500. A cheaper option would be to amputate the leg, but we think that Gracie should have the chance to keep her leg and use it for all the running and playing she has in her future. Don't you think she's worth it? If you do and you would like to make a donation for Gracie's surgery, simply click on the Donate button to pay using your credit card at PayPal:

Or mail your donation to:

Another Chance for English Setters
c/o Trish Bloemker Sowers, Acct Mgr
7009 Franklin Rd
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Please indicate that you are helping Gracie with your donation. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to Gracie. ACES is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, so every donation is tax deductible. ACES is extremely grateful that we can help setters like Gracie, no matter what the cost, because of our generous donors. Thank you!


Lisa Fulton
Holly Christensen
Nancy Tartaglione
Jean Prevatte
- Gracie looks like a real sweetheart and deserves every chance!
Margo Corey
Aimee James
Jim Overturf
Patrick and Dawn Clark
Sharon Anderson
Steve, Teri & Miss Sophia Sauer -
Miss Sophia hopes we get Gracie back on her feet so they can meet and run all around the dog park.
Michael McNutt
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Emily Emerick
Kevin May
Melanie Balzer
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Roger, Sandi, ACES Missie, & Lincoln Bailey
Michael Nelson
Hamanassett B&B, Ashley & Glenn Mon
Pat Pearson
- in memory of Gracie, Tammy Barslund’s beloved setter
Cynthia Whigham
Susan Keil
Tara Bunnell
Thomas Swanson
Scot & Carrie Wolf
- in remembrance of our setter Grace
Jodi Pearlman & ACES Eva
Frank Grimes

Kiara Desai & friends in honor of Kiara's birthday - Kiara, her family, Dallie, and Kiara's friends all wish Gracie a speedy recovery and are sure she'll soon find her forever home
Ann Marie Reed
Ann Pettigrew