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Restoring Jake (Updated 3/18/2012)

RESTORING JAKEJake may be a common setter name, but that's the only thing common about Jake... (more)

Candy's Crusaders

CANDY'S CRUSADERS!Happily Ever After Update... (more)

Good News for Belle

Good News for Safe Haven Setter BelleSafe Haven Setter Belle, who was diagnosed with lymphoma, is doing well and has great news... (more)

Setter Sidekicks

SETTER SIDEKICKSACES is very excited about offering a new sponsorship program! A recent e-mail, from a passionate teenager named Laura, prompted ACES to create our new program, Setter Sidekicks ... (more)

Ziva, A Rescue Story

Ziva, A Rescue StoryMy name is Ziva and I'd like to share my rescue story with you. I was recently picked up as a stray by animal control in Georgia. A nice lady sprung me from the shelter and arranged for me to become an ACES setter. ... (more)

Holiday Fun

Holiday FunWith the fall and winter holidays upon us, we thought it might be fun to see how our pups celebrate the holidays. ... (more)