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Rescue Angel Molly

RESCUE ANGEL MOLLYSome of you may have noticed that Molly is no longer on our list of adoptable dogs. About a month ago, Molly had a big setback. Updated 6/28/14... (more)

ACES 2014 Reunion

ACES 2014 REUNIONWe are heading back to Chicago for the 2014 ACES Reunion!... (more)

Stella (ACES Tara)

STELLA (ACES Tara)Stella, an ACES Senior Setter Story... (more)

Have A Heart ...

Have A Heart ... Heal A HeartHeal A Heart ... (more)

All We Need Is You

ALL WE NEED IS YOUWouldn't it be wonderful if we could say, "Yes, we can help that dog"... (more)

2014 ACES Calendar *ON SALE*

ACES 2014 Calendar *ON SALE*The 2014 ACES Calendar is now on sale for half-price - $12.50, which includes shipping and handling.... (more)