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Love English Setters

I rescued my Field English Setter from an animal rescue organization here in Utah. She was 8 years old(supposedly, as they were not sure of her exact age)in 2010. Here original name was Smarty, which fit her, but I felt she needed a proper English name. So, Maggie it is! She is 10 years old now and still loves to track and flush birds, small animals, insects even. When we are in the mountains, I cannot keep up with her. If she doesn't know where I am, she will sit and stay until I walk to where she is. I am not a hunter and don't kill the birds and other animals she finds, but I love to watch Maggie do what she was bred to do. I've been looking at your wonderful websight and have been thinking of getting another setter. Maggie is alone now that my other dog died of cancer. Well, Maggie and I will hash it out together to see if we should add to the family.



Re: Welcome to ACES

My English Setter is over 16 years old. As he is becoming frail I remember all the good years. He has always been healthy and energetic! He's loved his yard and has a kind, gentle soul! He's been raised with tons of kids coming and going in the house as well as other dogs and cats. He has never had a mean bone in his body! (Although birding is instinctual)Definately a young at heart setter will be easier to handle and still a fantastic pet!! If you have a fenced in yard, I would highly recommend an English Setter as a family pet!




I love English setter...we rescued from humane society

Debbie Moye


Great Job!

I adopted Joni and Maddie in 2004 and love them both. Your website is great. It is so nice to be able to go back and look at them before they were adopted. I check frequently to see what dogs are available. So much fun just looking at the dogs and reading about their personalities.



Update - Ellie - adopted Jan 2003

Wow... what to say. Never knew how wonderful adopting and helping a dog that had been neglected and abused would be. When we got Ellie, her eyes were cold, hair like wire, she would hide, tuck her tail, urinate when scared, and scared to go out the door. Her hair and health came back fairly quickly, and after much love and patience, she smiles with her eyes, sings me songs, and has her confidence back. It's been a great 10 yrs with her and she's doing great. We moved a little farther out in the country, but still have fence and same life style she had. She loves it. Thanks again ACES!!

Valerie Green


Sullivan -- Adopted 2004

I adopted Sullivan in August of 2004. He is now 14 years old and you'd never tell he is such an old man. I was thrilled to see his adoption picture in your photo album. His beautiful orange spot that covered his right eye is now all gray, but he is still so very active and happy. He is the best dog I've ever had -- he is so friendly and lovable. Thank you ACES for pairing me with my perfect companion.

Tamara Kinnaman


Our Family is still together!

Just wanted to let y'all know that "Ronnie" adopted in 2004 from ACES is still going strong! His name is Tizer McHenry and he lives in Payson, AZ and runs at least one hour a day, chasing rabbits in the mountains and pointing at every quail in the County! He is a joy to watch, running for the sheer joy of it! His Sister, Keela Daoine Sidh, also an ACES rescue, but not on the web page, is 9 now, and still the best little girl ever! She is a border collie/ES mix, very attached and will not stray far on our daily hikes, but does enjoy going after the mice she locates in the stumps. They have enriched our lives more than I can ever express! I love ACES!!! Thank you for our forever fur kids!!!

Glenn and Glenn Coats


Adopted Heidi

So good to see you are still active and doing wonderful work. We adopted our Heidi renamed Hattie 2001 through ACES and Bonnie Girard. We lost our sweet girl to cancer January 2008. Our hearts broke with the loss. We have welcomed into our home a sweet homeless setter we named Millie girl, from a shelter here in Virginia our new home state. Again you are great people and we loved Hattie very much. Our best Joan and Glenn Coats




I enjoy visiting your website and seeing the setters you've been able rehome. I've had english setters for over 15+ years. I show but I also have english that I've rescued and have rehomed. The ones i have now I've had for some time and ended up keeping. Mine are older and eventually I will be back in the fostering market. I currently have 5 so I cant bring in anymore at this x. I love all animals but I love seeing other people out there that truly can appreciate and love the kind and loving nature of the English Setter.



just a quick note

Nice website, and wonderful work you do. Keep up the good work! Kind regards, Karen

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