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Nancy Curley


Marie A1893

She is adorable!



Hello ES People

I often visit your site to read about the dogs. I lost my beautiful Lady Girl last May at just age 9 to cancer. I was devastated and still grieve her. I miss watching her graceful run and her loving nature and most of all her kisses! I am hoping that I will be ready soon to share life with a new English Setter friend through Aces.



Sasha passed

We adopted Patrick and Sasha July 2004, Sasha passed away on Thanksgiving this year. Patrick is doing ok, but we are deeply saddened. Her cancer came on rather quickly, she had always been so fit, healthy and energetic. She took care of us all, protecting and guarding us, we never felt safer or more loved. She even saved Patrick once when they escaped when we first had them, Patrick ended up in the middle of the desert with his feet cut up unable to move, a stranger saw Sasha by the side of the road and followed her to Patrick because she would not go with her till help arrived to get him help. Our lives are so much richer because of these two in it:-) Thank you, Aces

Hermine Trauner



I adopted Teak the summer of 2002, he died on July 15,2012.I lost my best friend,my hiking buddy, my travel buddy. When he died the community mourned along with our family. They named the dog run after him. His howl was famous--

I just wanted to thank you for letting me adopt him. When i am ready to adopt another dog - i am without a doubt coming back.
Thank you for all you do for animals.
Hermine Trauner

Steve Cavotti


Just Hi

Hi Aces from your friends in Toronto. Our Aces girls Lucy & Peanut are still doing great as is Eli our newest Kentucky Setter. Somehow we've also ended up with 2 Beagles, also Americans.
They're super little dogs, (but not quite Setters). Guess that's what we get for trying to foster. Five dogs! So happy to see you guys still doing great work placing so many wonderful beauties. Trying to talk my brother into getting one of your dogs as they're scarce up here. Love to have another in the family. As always, our deep thanks and blessings.

cynthia ciccone-neely



We just wanted to say hi from Las Vegas. Gulliver is doing well, and we cannot thank ACES enough for our life together. Gulliver is a big hit here since very few people here know about English Setters. We educate people daily at the park. Your website is wonderful.
Cynthia & Gulliver

Diane Bailey


rudy passed away

Unfortunately this day had to come when we put our beautiful Rudy to rest. We only had him for six years since we adopted him at 7 years old. He lived a wonderful life while we had him and I couldn't have loved a dog more. He was a wonderful companion who I will cherish in my heart every day of my life. I will meet him at the rainbow bridge one day and will throw lots of tennis ball for him. Rest in Peace Rudy. You will be missed so very much. We love you.

Keith Fortier


June/ Adopted August 2002

Sadly, June died this morning. She was 15 years old (at least) and the love of my life. June's sister, a mixed setter named Daisy and I mourn the loss. June was a joy every day she was with us, a great beauty with a loving personality. I will cherish every memory and spread the good news about English Setters! RIP Sweet Junie!



license plate frame

I was just sitting in traffic and the person in front of me had a license plate frame that had your website on it. What a great way to get word out about your rescue!



farewell Noble friend

Love your site awesome work all of you. What brought me here is my 11.5 year old blue belton died last sunday and now cleo his life long buddy is all alone. I am heart broken missing my noble friend terribly.

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