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James Taylor


English Setters

Love your website. The wife and I just lost our English Setter Duke on 7/01/13. He was a wonderful boy. We keep looking online at other breeds but keep gravitating back to the Setter.
We're still really sad but will keep looking at this site. We liked Robin. She looks like a sweet little girl.
Best Wishes




My best friend Skeeter passed this week. We adopted Skeeter in 2002 and was such a wonderful family member. Skeeter was so loving with a unique
personality. He loved his family and always had to be near one of us. I would like to thank ACES for the opportunity to allow us to adopt such a
wonderful being.



English Setters are Wonderful!

I was first introduced to English setters by a hard core, old school bird hunter and bird dog trainer. Our friendship has deteriorated because he still believes in dogs living outdoors 24/7. Yes, setters love being outdoors. Yes, they were bred to hunt. But to me, they are FAMILY MEMBERS, and as such, they deserve a special place IN THE HOUSE, as well as time outdoors according to the weather and their interests. So, I currently share my home with 2 retired field setters, who are wonderful with my other dogs, with cats, and with people. And someday, when some of my current pets go to Rainbow Bridge, I hope to adopt a dog from ACES. Your group does great work for a great breed! Wags from setters Chuck and Myron in Turbotville, PA!
-Louise and Pack

Patsy Harrold


abraham and roxy

I Just lost Roxy in April 24,13 and Abraham in July 10 last year I miss both of them they were great dogs.maybe some day we can get another one like Abraham he looks like Knuckles, he had a good personality .

jeanie Fine


My setter...

I adopted my Twinkie from a local shelter here in Maine. Twinkie was a one year old English setter (mix?). She was my companion and friend till she died last month at 14 plus. I love viewing your dogs...they remind me of Twinkie when she was young and healthy. I miss her so much and when I am ready...I will contact you.




We adopted Daisy from you in 2007. She is a wonderful dog and an integral member of the family. We can't thank you enough for all you do.

Bob Banks


Llewellan Setters

I actually came to this web site through a search for information about Llewellan Setters, which I understand may be a type of English Setter or a close relative, depending upon the source. My Dad was a committed quail hunter and had two small setters that were said to be Llewellan that were given to him by a friend in Bauxite, Arkansas on two separate occasions. They were wonderful dogs,hunting and family. Thanks for the work you do.

Howard hillman



Last Saturday we Boomer died. We adopted him in December of 2004 he was the finest dog I've ever know. He will be missed greatly, I thank God for the years he gave me with Boomer and all the days we spent in the field hunting pheasants and quail. My dear dear boy you truly were this man's best friend.

Michelle Tholl



I have been following your website for about a year now. I currently have a rescue setter that is getting up there in years. She is the best dog I have ever had! I want to adopt another in the next 1-2 years. I will definitely be in touch. Thank you for helping these wonderful dogs!

Melody Whaley


wonderful family members

We have a setter and he is part of the family and sleeps in the bed with us and between us, if anybody gets a goodnight kiss it is him. would love to have another one day. love your site and i am hoping we can sponzer soon. thanks for the good work

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