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Mandy Bax


New webpage

Great New Website!! We adopted Lolli in 2007, and I always keep an eye on the ACES website. I love to see other setters find new homes where they will be loved as much as we love our little lady.




Wonderful job on new website!!

I can't wait to see the family album when it's more complete! You have done a great job on the new site...I really like being able to see the potential adoptees faces instead of clicking through the alphabet (without faces until you got to the individual's page, like before)

bari jackson


Our New Web Pages

Wonderful wonderful

Margie & John Harris


The new website

The new web page for Aces is absolutely terrific. We are owned by 2 ACES dogs, Kassie and Snowball. They are the best and they keep us laughing. Thanks ACES for rescuing these girls and enriching our lives by allowing us to share our lives with them.
Margie & John Harris

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