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goffy dogs

I enjoyed looking at your rescue page. I once ( or should I say my daughter) owned a rescued english setter named Lazuras. No one could go near her. He had a habit of nipping on my sons friends butt as the went pass her room ( they soon learned not to turn their backs on him, ha! ha!)She took him to college with her and he sat in classes with her. Once he passed she had him cermated and still when to college with her. He now lives in Florida (what a life) What a dog.

George Rhodes



Thanks for all you do for these wonderful animals! We have owned/been owned by English Setters for the past 12 years and I don't know of another breed I'd rather have in the family! We will soon want another dog and we hope to work with you.
The geographic location of available dogs would be helpful, but there may be reasons of which I'm unaware why that information is not presented.
Thank you all again.

Rhonda Anderson



I was pretty lost when my Alex passed after 17 wonderful years... I wandered around in a daze..had dreams of him constantly... Now that I have found ACES... I know I will get another setter, it is just a matter of when... and when that time comes.. I will think of you first...
thanks ACES for what you do..

Joe Navari


Setters Galore

Like the new website. Especially the cafepress stuff. One think I would add is where the dogs are located accross the nation to the available dogs list.

Sacramento, California




Hey guys it's spring and I am barking more than ever to go out. Mom took me for a walk today too. Her legbones are getting better. I cried when they said Rudy got a new home. I asked mom if her could come here and live. But he's got a forever home now. Sorry got to go. Time to get my face and paws washed before I get in my sleep number bed, nice and warm
Lovw Dexter
Adopted 8-07

Kathleen Hickey


Great New Website!

The new website is awesome! ACES is an amazing rescue group and it makes me very happy to see how particular the organization is about placing dogs in the appropriate homes. Each dog is unique and you have done a great job detailing the personalities and needs of each little soul. I frequently check the website and see that some of my favorites have left, but I'm sure they will be as loved as our little Setter girl, Chloe. They are a very funny, energetic and loving breed and I will always have one or more Setters in our family.

Mal Boxwell



This is a great website! I've been looking for another English setter for a while and I'm so glad to have found it! After 30+ years with English setters I don't think I could live with anything but...

Corinne Fagan



I'm so greatful I found ACES. Anyone who has met an English Setter knows how loving and loyal they are. It makes me sad to see so many sweet dogs need a home. When we are ready for another, we have nine setters now, I'll be contacting you!

Jodi Jenkins & Angela Howard


The new website

Congratulations on the new website ~ what a work of art! We were impressed by the previous one, but this one is outstanding. We really like the feature of being able to see all available dogs at one time, as well as improved accessibility to family album shots. Thanks for the wonderful update!

Mickey and Chris Boschi



We love the new website. It's great to see two more of these wonderful setters have been adopted just since we got the adorable Ella. We watch everyday to see if there are any new setters and who has been adopted.

We can't say enough about this wonderful organization and will be happy to do our part when asked in appreciation for the ability to adopt our wonderful, enthusiastic "prancer dancer".

Mickey and Chris Boschi
Williamsport, PA

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