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Tara Flakker


so happy

I just wanted to add that we adopted our Evan, affectionately called Evvie, in April of 2005. Our son and Evan are the same age. Now we have another human girl in the family who is going to be two soon. Evan is, and has been from day one, absolutely wonderful with children. Evan was my daughter's first belly laugh while he played with a toy and her first word. Feeding Evan is my son's first chore. He is adored in the family. Yeah for English Setter! Thanks again for a wonderful dog.

Barbara Eyler


Always thinking of you

Well, Willie and I just celebrated our second anniversary a couple of weeks ago. It has been such a special time. I guess she is about 11-12 now and at times is quite slow. That can change in a second though, when a duck flys into the backyard. She goes from 11 to two in a second, and it is such a delight to see the excitement in her eyes. Her favorite place in the whole wide world is the back seat of the car. I guess she thinks she is going hunting. On cool days she will lay there for hours, and I have to pull her out so she can ear. Willie is my second English Setter and she is the love of my life. I am so grateful that ACES was there when I needed them. You do a wonderful job and I thank each of you for all your help.

Penny Dexter and Fergie


Hi with love

Happy belated Mom's day to all of you.
Love Dexipoo and Fergie and me.
P.s. we got to go to the dog spa. The bath felt like a tilt a whirl, it was fun!! Love Dex



Just Saying Hi

Just wanted to stop in and say hello from Canada.
I have 2 English Setters is 10 years old and my other is just past 1 year old. My rescue Holly passed away last March...she was my best friend in the whole wide world and I miss her so much. There is nothing better than adopting one of these beautiful dogs and I know one day I will adopt another.
Good Luck with finding loving and happy homes !!
for the ones that are in need right now.

Setter Hugs



new website

Love the new website. Was wondering why there are fewer dogs than there used to be. I agree that it would be nice to include a general location on each dog.

Carole Kennedy


My First ES Transport

I just volunteered a leg for transport to a better place. I am a Pomeranian lover, and rescued one for our home, but a dog lover at large, all the same. My husband won't let me rescue another, so I help out where I can. I think the English Setter has the best face. I am looking forward to meeting Tara.


Julia Willmer


Thank God for A.C.E.S.

I just happened to stumble onto this site and was so thankful to see that others are just as in love with these beautiful creatures as I am. My handsome boy, Hunter (3 yrs), looks exactly like Boone, and from reading his bio., they act alike, too! They truly are loyal, loving, working dogs with an extraordinary personality. Your new website is great too. Perhaps when I retire from working, I will become a foster parent too. Hunter has been a wonderful addition to our home from the moment we got him. He has a 13 yr old sister named Maxine (lab/chow mix). They absolutely love each other and I am truly blessed to have them both. Thanks for taking care of these wonderful animals.

Ruth Tidrick


english setters

English setters are my passion. My first one was eight years old when she died from cancer. I rescued her successor from a farmer who didn't want her because she did not like to hunt. She was sickand I call her my precios baby girl I would very much like to adopt another setter in the near future. I enjoy your website.

penny dexter and fergie lawyer


counter surfing setters

My 11 year old never surfed till Dexter got here. I don't know who taught who, but she has become a real pest. As this weekend proved, can't trust her with anything anytime. My couch pototoe turned into a puppy again. She gave Dexter age 10 (08-07) a lb tub of butter over the weekend, She (fergie) of course didn't get sick but Dexter sure did. She even tattles on him, anyway I love them both to death and thank ACES each and every day..Can we come to Louisville for the reunion too?Love always from the Detroit Clan Penny Lawyer

Roberta Fleishman


English Setters

I like the new site though I do miss the fun of the old site's opening. Keep up the good work!
My first dog, Bumper, was, according to the St. Louis Pound, an English Setter puppy. However, even taking in the problems of being 4 months old with hook, whip, round and tape worms, I don't think at 25 pounds and being the size of a Cocker Spaniel qualified her as a Setter. She was however one heck of a dog. In fact we had to get 2 dogs to replace her, a Border Collie and a real field English Setter; both from the San Clemente Animal Shelter. When the time came to look again for a new pet, we searched again for an English Setter. At that time you didn't have any (Vet said to get a dog aged 2-4) that caught our eye. We ended up this time with a bench English Setter who breeders/showers had put her up for adoption because she was too timid to show and without championship status not worth much for breeding purposes. I have to admit that next time it will back to a field because of the counter surfing! The only advise I have gotten has been to set mouse traps. I'm afraid I'd be the one getting trapped!

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