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Nora Fischer


Warm hello's & Thank you

I adopted CO Sam in 4/04. He is absolutely the BEST dog in the world. I put milk bones out for him in the morning before work and he will not touch them until I come home. He say's I love you in the greatest, deep, quiet dog voice. He does not bark unless he should, does not jump up on people (unless you want him to), he loves children, cats and other dogs, his doggy door and me(the feelings mutual).His vet said he is one of the most beautiful Tri colored English Setters he has ever seen. He has become the the brightest star in my world and I just want to say thank you ACES!

Sharon Anderson


Jolie and Stevie

Just want to say Thank You again for our lovely English Setters. Jolie (we call her JoJo, adopted in October 2003) and Stevie (adopted February 2004) are the best of friends. Stevie has taught JoJo to get excited about food! They both jump around the kitchen at feeding's a joy to see. They get us up at 6:00 each day to take their walk through the prairie lands near our home. JoJo's age is showing; she gets confused and sticks to us like a shadow. How lucky we are to have them in our lives! Surely there is no nicer, kinder, sweeter breed of dog!




Thank you for all that you do. We lost our beloved English Setter, Rooster, a week ago, and we will donate monthly to ACES in memory of Rooster.



Stopping by to say thanks again

Just spent 3 hours this morning walking the beach with Greta (adopted 2004) and wanted to stop by and say thanks again. If anyone reading this is thinking about adopting an English Setter - do it if you enjoy being high energy outside and calm inside. This breed loves to run and loves people, mine is a huge hit with her vet and doggie daycare group. She is not food oriented so I've found that regular inside obedience training helps a lot with outside commands, especially before exercise. But everything I learned was through trial and error :). Fun journey though!

Lisa Speer-Huet


Hi - great job!

Just wanted to check in, and tell you how happy we are with our rescue setter, Penelope. She is personality- plus, and has been great for our older setter, Buddy. They are best friends an d a terrific part of our family. Thanks for getting her to us. Best, Lisa



Thanks to A.C.E.S.!

My family and I (I was 4 at the time, I am now 12) adopted Lucas in 2001. He's now 8 and a half, and is doing wonderful! He does great with our Cocker, Buddy, and loves to stare out of the back door, watching the Nature Channel. He's not the most playful, but he is very loved and we're glad we found him!

Keith Fortier


An English Setter named June

I adopted June in August 2002. She is still doing very well. She's a happy and energetic girl and brings joy to us everyday. Thank you for ACES!

Dexter and Penny and Fergie



We just did our first owner surrender of two Boston Terriers. It was emotional for all of us, but oh so fulfilling.What a way to make you feel like you have a bonified perpose in life.
Love t everyone at ACES>
Dex Penny and the Ferg
Senior Citizen branch of ACES...

Payton and duke



we have two dogs from ACES they are good dogs and we love um i want another one

Tara Flakker


so happy

I just wanted to add that we adopted our Evan, affectionately called Evvie, in April of 2005. Our son and Evan are the same age. Now we have another human girl in the family who is going to be two soon. Evan is, and has been from day one, absolutely wonderful with children. Evan was my daughter's first belly laugh while he played with a toy and her first word. Feeding Evan is my son's first chore. He is adored in the family. Yeah for English Setter! Thanks again for a wonderful dog.

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