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Jullienne Readnour


wonderful pets

I had and orange ticked Field English Setter, named Bugsy. I bought her for my daughters but ended up being my absolute best friend. She has been gone for 3 yrs now and I still cry when I think of her. I just found your orginazation online and I am so happy to read about the work you do. They are beautiful and loving pets. I hope to maybe help in someway in the future. Keep up the good work.

Sherbondy Family


Chip from April 2003

Just want to say keep up the great work. When we received Chip in 2003 he was only 6 months old and now at 6.5 years old we can surely say he is a great family pet and upland bird hunting companion. Our two sons (4 and almost 2 years old) love to play with Chip and he is extremely careful when playing with them. Chip loves to lounge around on the couch but when its time to chase pheasants or ruffed grouse is when he is really loving life!! He has pointed over 40 upland birds this hunting year but more importantly has a warm and loving family

Brenda Dail


Miles Wonderful PUP

I adopted Miles on 11/08/08. All my friends and colleagues were thrilled for me!! Bless the Lamy's (Miles foster parents) for being there for him before I got him. Miles is a good name since he traveled from Arizona to NC to become my best buddy. Thanks for the wonderful job that the ACES coordinators do. As soon as Miles a settled in we will be looking for another english setter to join our family. Hoping that 2009 provides more setters with another chance!!!!

Greg and Deb DeLucca


Great work!

Hi all,
We have our english setter.. Spirit (5), who lives with three greyhounds. He tries to act like them at times. Keep up the good work! We are volunteers for First State some point I'd like to donate some effort to ACES. Thanks ..Happy Holidays!

penny lawyer



Dexter took honorable mention at the pet parade saturday. He was king tut. You all would have been so proud of him. I was beaming. Sophie looks like a Detroit kind of lady too.
Love from us

Jody & Ron Sutphin


We still have our "Faith"

We adopted Faith a few days before Christmas in 2002 from her foster home in Pennsylvania. She is the second English Setter that we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with. She is a beautiful field tri-color with the sweetest personality. She loves our kids (we refer to them as her puppies when are talking to her....) and she cannot stand to be inside when they are outside playing. She likes to be in the middle of their activities and keep an eye on them. She is 9 years old now and is still full of energy. And although she is quite large, she still loves to be rocked in the recliner just like our other kids!

Sandra Klein


Happy ending

A adopted Lucy from ACES in 2002. The first year was a little tough, as she was very skittish, but the people at ACES gave great advice and support. Now, Lucy is a confident, happy, social dog and a joy to everyone who meets her. She is a real setter talkers roo-rooing at anyone she meets. She's not on the rescue dog list (I guess it starts post her adoption), but she's a beauty! Thank you, ACES

susan b thomas


the most wonderful dogs on earth

i was so glad to find a rescue group that cares so much for the setter. i have one older dog-freckles- rescued during a very difficult time in my life. a second dog, kasey was rescued in january of this year with only hours left at the kennel he was at. we love all animals but especially english setters.

Kit & Boomer Mazis



I love your new website, it looks terrific. Boomer & I check it every once in a while.
I personally want to THANK ACES & Ed & Jan Torres for rescuing Boomer. He's the one of the best things to ever happen to our family! We love ACES, Ed, Jan and our boy!



Thanks to ACES

I just got an email which sent me to the site. I haven't been to the website for almost 10 months. The new site looks great. We adopted Daisy last Halloween. She has become a delightful member of our family. We and she couldn't be happier. I just wanted to once again to say thank you for all the help we received.

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