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Ann Marascio



I just wanted to say after reading your site it's wounderful what your group is doing I only wish you were in my area maybe you could help me. Ann Marascio

Ann Mussinan


Your Best Friend - An ES Pal

There's nothing better than having a rescued ES as part of your family and life. These pups are more than willing to give back to those humans who need their empathy and understanding, even after the most extreme cruelty humans can administer to them.

But, bigger hearts - you will never find than in a Rescued ES.

Ash (ACES 2003)
Miss Elie "a/k/a Houdini" (ACES 2003) and their Mom - Ann Mussinan

Greg White


Our new girl Chi Chi

Hi Folks!

Just dropping a note to say that our first month with Chi Chi has been great! She's proven to be a lovable addition to our family and gets along with Bailey, our other setter, wonderfully. She really knows how to pull the heart strings with her extremely sweet disposition and playfulness. We're still working on some separation issues, but things are improving each week. Numerous folks have even stopped by to inquire about that beautiful new dog in the yard!

Thank you to everyone at ACES!




Our setter just passed and I am thinking of getting another. You seem to have some nice dogs listed here.

Arden & Happy



I'v got one of those moaner Setters too! She is a female English Setter rescue from a kill shelter in SW MN that has been a Daay's girl since the day I picked her up from a city pound/Humane Society. She also gives me the the deep moan and sigh when I scratch her ear and pet her head. I always said it was her way of saying thank you for saving me. She is such a sweet girl it is hard to imagine someone would abandon her and even worse she definitely was abused. Only god can understand forgiveness better than she must to forgive humans for mistreating her as bad as she must have been before she came to our house.

Rick Wenger



My wife and I could not be any happier since taking ownership of dear Dexter. We feel very blessed to have him in our life. We would like to thank ACES and foster Mom Jan for his care before reaching our home.



puppys and doggys

Elijah is doing great! my daughter really wants a doberman now.

Scott Ettinger


Thanks 4my dog

I adopted "William"[thanks Susan Hill] in 3/05. He looked like a "pumpkinhead" in his picture but there was something there. We met him in DC with Susan and decided that he was for us[I think he felt the same way]. Since then I can not tell you the joy he has brought. I always wanted a big, goofy, happy dog, now I have him. I have 10 acres in the rural thumb of Michigan and I'd like to think he's living the life. We are watching a husky for a friend in Iraq now, but when he returns we hope to have room for another ACES dog. Thank you all for your dedicated work and love for these companions. Respectfully, Scott Ettinger

Rick Wenger



My wife and I were blessed with two English Setters.This past year we lost both of them. There has been a huge void in our lives since their passing. I recently came across this web site. We are in the process to adopt Dexter. When we seen Dexter we really caught that sappy English Setter style. We look forword in providing him with a good home and lots of love.

Sarah Mercer


The time has come

Hello ACES

I found your website online in 2002 and have fallen in love with so many of your rescue setters over the years.

I have been living in an apartment for the past 4 years but in March am moving into a house with a yard. I'm so excited about finally having the space to adopt a setter for my very own!

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