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Mark Deal



My wife and I got Kylie as a rescue 4 years ago. She is the birdiest of bird dogs. She is 6 now. She was found in a cardboard box with her 9 pups on the side of a road in a North Ga town. 8 of the pups lived and got adopted and Kylie ended up with us. I'm not really sure who was luckier me or Kylie. When the Kylie's time comes I will definitely look to adopt from ACES. English Setters are a special breed and I think what you are doing is great! Thanks.

Glen MacMillan


They simply are the best

I grew up with dog, My gather was a trainer and a breeder of gorgeous chocolate brown poodles. Anyway I have seen some smart dogs and always remembered an English setter from the obedience club who was just so sweet. That is why I picked one for my very own pet when it was time to do so.. I purchased Cleo from a breeder as a pup and she was the most smartest, loving,and energetic dog I have ever met. An auto accident has taken her from and we did absolutely everything together, I loved her so and miss her so much and I have found your site so now when I am healed I will apply for anther one of those sweetest most compassionate dogs that will be needing a forever home. I had Cleo for only 7 years and she was well beyond the 300 word limit some think dogs are limited to. I just cant stop crying at her loss.




My husband Jon and I adopted Bella (tricolor-setter) from our local shelter 2 years ago, and she has changed our life so much! She is a tiny girl with a huge heart and I don't think we could have asked for a better addition to our little family. We laugh and say that we are forever setter people now, and we love your site! Thanks for the work that you do!

Erin C.

Dan Bagley


English setter rescue

Considering an older female. Lost my 13 year old best friend this last October.

Julia Henson


Thank you

We adopted Dusty 2007, she is now Dory! She is a wonderful dog! Her foster Mom did a wonderful job of training her. Walking and house boken. She could still escape a phyiscal fence, so we put in an inground electrical fence to keep her in the yard. she is so sweet and loves everyone. Very smart! Thnaks to Aces for this rescue. Our other Setter, Charlotte, is soon to be 14years old and age is showing. we love our setters! Thanks Aces!!

Chris Mills


Sadie sends her roos

I can't believe Sadie joined our family in November of 2005! Time has flown. She is doing very well and loves that we are both retired - more walks and pets! I still take her to obedience "school" most Saturdays - she loves showing off what she can do and puzzling out the new stuff. We are working on directed retrieve and scent, so she is doing well with it. Sadie goes with us on most vacations - mountains of NC and Hilton Head are favorite spots. She loves swimming in the ocean ... Life is indeed good. Thanks, again, ACES family, for matching us up.

Susan Lee


Jake adopted in May 2006

Haven't visited the ACES site in some time. Jake is very much alive and well. He's definitely my dog, until his " boy" ( now 22) comes around. We love our spotted boy and are so glad that we adopted him 7 years ago. He is my forever friend :)

Nick Ede



We adopted Guinness in 2005 and ever since the day he joined our family he has brought us so much enjoyment and companionship. Had our daughter not moved back home with her dog we would be adopting another English Setter. Guinness loves to be the center of attention. He enjoys stalking squirrels, rabbits and birds but most of all he enjoys swimming in our pool. A true loyal and loving companion.

denny white


looking at English setter to adopt

Love these dogs my boss has one and i want o one

Michael Dickerson


Re: Welcome to ACES

Former English Setter owners. Our last Setter
we got at 8 weeks who graced us with his love
for 16 years.

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