It was a fabulous day at the Leesburg Canine Country Club on Saturday! After a rainy week, the sun came out and so did the setters. On September 24, forty-five ACES adopters attended our 2011 Reunion in Virginia with thirty of their dogs...thank you all for coming! We spent the day watching the setters run, watching the setters run, and well, watching the setters run. It was great to have the fenced-in dog park devoted just to our setters (and their siblings). The dogs had plenty of room to point birds, stalk the bugs in the grass, and play chase with their new-found friends. While our setters were having fun, the people had a chance to meet fellow adopters, reunite with old friends, and share adoption tales. Janice and Jess got to catch up with former fosters Linus and Pixie, and the Broadfoot, Sodegren and Newhall families who met through home visits had a chance to get their dogs together. We loved that so many senior setters joined in the fun. We expected to see the younger crowd running full steam ahead, but what joy to see the older set keeping up with them!

In addition to thanking everyone who attended the Reunion (you really made our day), the ACES Board would like to thank everyone who donated to our Reunion raffle, both organizations and individuals, and everyone who lent a helping hand on Saturday. Our event would not have been the success it was without you. A big setter "Roooo!" to our grand prize raffle winners:

Orvis Deep Dish Dog Bed: Melanie Balzar

Orvis Double Feeder: Mary and Gary Shingler (ACES Janey)

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  • Xena running  » Click to zoom ->

    Xena running

  • Xena  » Click to zoom ->


  • Watching Guinea Fowl  » Click to zoom ->

    Watching Guinea Fowl

  • Ty, Maggie & Lucy  » Click to zoom ->

    Ty, Maggie & Lucy

  • Stalker Family  » Click to zoom ->

    Stalker Family

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  • Spunky  » Click to zoom ->


  • Spunky running  » Click to zoom ->

    Spunky running

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  • Snowball  » Click to zoom ->


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  • Scout w/ball  » Click to zoom ->

    Scout w/ball

  • Rugby & Kathy  » Click to zoom ->

    Rugby & Kathy

  • Scout & Chase  » Click to zoom ->

    Scout & Chase

  • Pixie running  » Click to zoom ->

    Pixie running

  • Pixie on point  » Click to zoom ->

    Pixie on point

  • Pat & Blue  » Click to zoom ->

    Pat & Blue

  • Pixie at rest  » Click to zoom ->

    Pixie at rest

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  • Noel sleeping  » Click to zoom ->

    Noel sleeping

  • Maggie running  » Click to zoom ->

    Maggie running

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