What a glorious day we had at this year's ACES Reunion! Thirty-five people and their dogs (36 to be exact!) gathered at the Whalon Lake Preserve in Naperville, IL, on September 25, 2010. We had all-day access to the off-leash dog park and pavilion where the people could meet and greet and the setters could run and hunt. It was great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Brothers Roscoe and Rugby were reunited as were littermates Donovan and Blizzard. ACES foster dogs Troo and Webster also joined in the fun. What a pleasure to see two of the "stars" of our current website! Holly and Yogi travelled the farthest with their family. These ACES setters made the trip to Illinois from California!

The ACES Board would like to thank everyone who came to Naperville to join us for the day. We loved seeing you and meeting your families. We would also like to thank the Reunion Committee, the individuals who donated to the raffle, and everyone who pitched in to help on Saturday. Because of your support, our event was a success. Congratulations to the families and setters that won the many on-site raffle items and baskets. And "Hooray!" for the lucky winners of our Grand Prizes:

The Orvis Dog's Own Lounger: Carol Bruml (ACES Willson and Topper)

The English Setter Lithograph by Stephen Kline: Bev Stalker (ACES Bandit)

The LL Bean Waterhog Pet Place Mats: Jan and Roger Miller

See you next year!

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  • Melanie & Noel  » Click to zoom ->

    Melanie & Noel

  • Pavilion  » Click to zoom ->


  • Linus makes a friend  » Click to zoom ->

    Linus makes a friend

  • Herman, Nancy, Donovan, Macy, Raven  » Click to zoom ->

    Herman, Nancy, Donovan, Macy, Raven

  • Biggles  » Click to zoom ->


  • Sara  » Click to zoom ->


  • Marian & Crimson  » Click to zoom ->

    Marian & Crimson

  • Biggles  » Click to zoom ->


  • Melanie & Rugby  » Click to zoom ->

    Melanie & Rugby

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  • Melanie, Carter  » Click to zoom ->

    Melanie, Carter

  • Dog Park  » Click to zoom ->

    Dog Park

  • Noel  » Click to zoom ->


  • Nancy, Pete, Jill, Darby, Huckleberry, Blizzard, Bear  » Click to zoom ->

    Nancy, Pete, Jill, Darby, Huckleberry, Blizzard, Bear

  • Herman, Nancy, Donovan, Macy, Raven  » Click to zoom ->

    Herman, Nancy, Donovan, Macy, Raven

  • Aimee, Sara, Biggles  » Click to zoom ->

    Aimee, Sara, Biggles

  • Picnic  » Click to zoom ->


  • Nancy, Macy, Raven, Pat  » Click to zoom ->

    Nancy, Macy, Raven, Pat

  • Biggles  » Click to zoom ->


  • Danica & Carter  » Click to zoom ->

    Danica & Carter

  • Roger & Bella  » Click to zoom ->

    Roger & Bella

  • Pete & Huckleberry  » Click to zoom ->

    Pete & Huckleberry

  • Chet, Sophie, Dash, Crimson  » Click to zoom ->

    Chet, Sophie, Dash, Crimson

  • Lou, Linus, Clara, Webster  » Click to zoom ->

    Lou, Linus, Clara, Webster