What do you get when you take 48 people and then add 30 dogs? A wonderful day at the park! That's exactly what we had on October 10, 2009 when ACES adopters and their setters came to John Rudy Park in York, PA, for our annual reunion picnic. We began the day at the pavillion where everyone had a chance to meet, compare pups and share adoption stories. Who would have thought that Alf from MA and Henry from MD had the same hair style or that Snowball in PA and Sasha in NJ could have been twins? Or that shy Spencer would break out of his shell and dash across the dog park? Or, best of all, that Gilbert would find his forever family and be adopted on the spot?

We ended the day at the fenced dog park where our setters could do what they do best...run! As you can see from the pictures, they had a blast. We even managed to tire some of them out. The ACES Board would like to thank everyone who travelled to York to join us for the day. We loved seeing you and meeting your families. We would also like to thank the Reunion Committee and everyone who pitched in to help on Saturday. Congratulations to the winners of the Grand Prize Raffles:

The Orvis Dog Bed went to John Dye and Dexter (ACES Travis)
The LL Bean Totebag went to the Liston Family and ACES Jenny
The Setter Portrait went to Margie Harris and ACES Snowball and Kassie

See you next year!

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