ACES English Setters were well represented at this year’s reunion in Naperville, IL.  We had all colors and types!  Blue, orange, and tricolors, field and show and mixes…all joined together with their people for a day of fun in the field.  We spent Saturday, September 13, at the Whalon Lake dog park, enjoying each other’s company and sharing stories about our setters. 

The ACES Board would like to thank everyone who made our event possible!  We are grateful for those of you who donated raffle items at the picnic:  Danica Barreau, Holly Christensen, Jodi & Rick Clute, Dianne MacDonald, and Dorothy Stickney.  A special thank you to Cindy Brassfield who designed notecards for the reunion and donated a custom pet portrait as one of our grand prizes.

Congratulations to our grand prize winners:

 - John Dye and setter Dexter (ACES Travis) who won the Luxe Bark Lounger

 - Donna Scanlin and setter Birdie (ACES Caroline) won a custom pet portrait by artist Cindy Brassfield

We had so much fun together that we want to encourage adopters across the country to get together when you can.  Let us know if you and your ACES setter are interested in meeting up at a local spot with other adopters and we’ll help you spread the word.  You can contact us at director@englishsetterrescue.org or share your plans at the Another Chance for English Setters Facebook page.


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    Welcome banner

  • Adopted Dudley  » Click to zoom ->

    Adopted Dudley

  • Arrival time!  » Click to zoom ->

    Arrival time!

  • Biggles  » Click to zoom ->


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    Jodi, Rick and Eva

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    Crimson & Dash

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    Setters of all colors and sizes

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    Heidi & Aimee with Bear & Dudley

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  • Danica, Finch, Sparrow and Bear  » Click to zoom ->

    Danica, Finch, Sparrow and Bear

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    Callie Cay

  • Birdie wants a belly rub  » Click to zoom ->

    Birdie wants a belly rub

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    Holly and Sparrow

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    Elle and Bear

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    Making friends

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    Lots of room to run

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    Dog park fun

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    Cold Noel

  • Finch on the move  » Click to zoom ->

    Finch on the move

  • Lisa with Lula, Grace & Ruby  » Click to zoom ->

    Lisa with Lula, Grace & Ruby

  • Griffith Girls  » Click to zoom ->

    Griffith Girls