On Saturday, September 14, 2013, ACES adopters, foster homes and supporters gathered for our annual reunion at Lucky Paws Resort in Freedom, PA.  And lucky is exactly how we all felt!  The dog park was spectacular and the weather couldn't have been better.  Our setters had a wonderful time doing their own thing at the park for the day.  Some of them hunted birds and bugs, some of them explored every nook and cranny of the park, some of them went swimming, and some just hung out with their much loved families.

We want to congratulate our grand prize winners from the raffle drawing:

-  Memory Foam Cozy Sofa:  Tracey Fogwill
-  Custom Portrait Ornaments (donated by artist Cynthia Brassfield):  Aimee James
-  English Setter Lithograph #1 (donated by artish Stephen Kline):  Carlos Hernandez
-  English Setter Lithograph #2 (donated by Trish and JC Sowers):  Bob Scherer

The ACES Board also wants to thank the reunion attendees who brought raffle items to the park:  Danica Barreau, Marcy Borelli, Joni DeYoung & Carlos Hernandez, Karen, Leo and Laura Lin, and Elaine Tweedy.  Thank you so much for your thoughtful contributions!  In addition, we thank everyone who bought a raffle ticket or made a donation for our event.

And, of course, a huge shout out to everyone who attended the reunion.  You and your pups made our day!

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  • Gotta love the deafies!  » Click to zoom ->

    Gotta love the deafies!

  • Sage still looking for treats  » Click to zoom ->

    Sage still looking for treats

  • Steve with office mates  » Click to zoom ->

    Steve with office mates

  • Gracie stalking bugs  » Click to zoom ->

    Gracie stalking bugs

  • Marian, Chet & Lief  » Click to zoom ->

    Marian, Chet & Lief

  • Trish, Basil & Abbey  » Click to zoom ->

    Trish, Basil & Abbey

  • Wyatt & Whiskey  » Click to zoom ->

    Wyatt & Whiskey

  • Tired people & pups!  » Click to zoom ->

    Tired people & pups!

  • Sara is ready for dinner and bedtime!  » Click to zoom ->

    Sara is ready for dinner and bedtime!