Dior (Diana) in her sunroom)

Diana relaxing at home

Diana with her Mom

Diana in the garden

Diana in the garden

Diana in her forever home

Diana relaxes on the couch

Diana with a toy

Diana with a toy

  • Adopted: 08-20-16
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 years
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Shy and loving

My name is Dior and I am looking for a forever home full of love.  I’m two years old and weigh 40 pounds.  I quickly went from being an outside dog to sleeping between my foster parents and snuggling up with my foster sister Lucy.  I am shy, but I am building trust as people are kind and caring to me.  Up until now, my exposure to the world has been limited.  I am learning what it is like to be a dog in a large fenced yard with tress, birds and butterflies all over.  Even though the world can be scary, I'm also figuring out that it's pretty delightful too.

Routine is important to me so I know what to expect.  With a routine I can depend on, I make progress every day.  Lucy, my foster family and I have been going for walks each day.  I enjoy meeting new people and other dogs on our walks.  Being on a leash was new to me, but it has opened up my world to so many new smells and sounds.  I have also mastered the doggy door, going in and out as well as up and down the steps to the backyard.

I am also learning how to play.  My foster parents seem to smile when I forget my worry and start to have fun.  I get along well other dogs.  I'd love to be in a forever home with another dog that wants to play and will help teach me the ropes.

I am also crate trained, but I really like to curl up on a bed or couch and relax most of the day. I am not a barker or a chewer. Although I enjoy my backyard, I’m not much into hunting things.  I also respect the fence and haven’t tried to get over it. 

I've heard people say I am a pretty girl. One of my eyes is brown and one is blue.  I see just fine, I just have an eye of a different color.  My foster mom says I look angelic. If looking angelic means that she's going to pet me, then that's okay.  I definitely like to be loved!


Mike Warfield hopes that sweet Dior will soon be sharing her life with a loving forever family!

Dior sends a big roo of thanks to Tracey & Allan Fogwill for their support as she waits for her perfect forever home!


Dior's new name is Diana which means "Goddess of the Hunt" and is a very proper name for an English Lady.  Her new Mom tells us that her middle name is "Freckle Face".  Diana is very fortunate to have found her forever home with a loving and patient family who are slowly working with her to build her trust and confidence.  She has come a long way in the past several weeks as shown in this recent e-mail update from her Mom (see photos of Diana in her new home in her photo gallery):

"Her world is larger and safer now. She goes into four rooms, and feels that she owns two of them. She has staked out a couch in the TV room and a couch in the Sun room as hers. She will chew on the slipcovers if left alone too long, but hasn't damaged the furniture yet. We all like to sit with her, but we have to say "Excuse me," and gently move her toward one end so there is a place for a human. Honestly!   As you can see in the pictures, she's loooooooooooong. She's a real couch potato. She can lie there and sleep for hours. What a life!

Once she flies out the door, she runs like a racehorse around the backyard, but something is new. Now, it's a game of "You can't catch me" and "Hide and Seek." She will stop and look back in a challenging way, then fly off.  She is not interested in chasing balls or fetching a stick.  She wants to run and pick up speed as she passes close to you. If there were an English Setter race course and a competition, she would win.

So, we make progress gradually, with encouraging words, simple commands, and giving her space. We all enjoy spending time with her. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her.