• Adopted: 03-01-16
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7 mo
  • Size: 26 lbs
  • Color: Tri
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Bundle of puppy delight and love

At 7-months old, Suzie is about as sweet of a pup as you could hope to find. She is happy, precocious, energetic, and playful.  Watch for a dose of Suzie cuteness.  She has beautiful tricolor markings and the classic setter personality traits. She plays hard during the day, hunting and setting squirrels and birds, and then settles down for an evening on the sofa before sleeping through the night. Since Suzie was found as a stray the day before a record snowstorm, her foster family has nicknamed her Suzie Snowflake.

Suzie enjoys being loved, cuddled and petted. She’s not needy for attention but will take all you want to give and will return your affection with lots of puppy love. She has fit in very well with her foster brother and sister. While she loves the other dogs, she is independent enough to be a single pet in the family. Suzie has shown interest in the family cat and, like any English Setter puppy, needs to learn what is appropriate behavior for the family kitty.

Suzie absolutely loves toys—plush toys, squeaky toys, chew toys—she loves them all. Watch Suzie have fun with her toys.  Being a puppy, she loves to chew and her foster family has been working on teaching her what she can chew. Luckily, she is easily steered toward the proper things to chew and learns quickly what is a toy and what is not. She had no problem adjusting to a crate from day one. She sleeps all night in hers and has been crated without incident for 2-3 hour periods during the day. She is also house-trained and has had only one accident when her foster parents were not paying attention. Suzie is a smart cookie; she and her adoptive family would benefit from taking a positive-reinforcement obedience class together.

Suzie has a luxating patella in both of her back legs. When she runs, her knee cap may pop out of place. When the knee cap is out of place, Suzie is not in any pain, but the leg "locks up" and she holds her foot above the ground. It only takes a few minutes until her muscles relax and the knee cap pops back into place. As you can see, Suzie has no problems running and birding in the yard.

If you want a pup, full of lots of sweet setterness, Suzie is your girl. She will make some lucky family an excellent, lifelong companion.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet little Suzie will soon be happily running and playing in a loving forever home.

Suzie sends a big "roo" of thanks to Tracey & Allan Fogwill for their support as she waits for her forever home.