• Adopted: 01-19-16
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 6-7 yrs
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Adorable, calm and sweet girl

Meet Allison or Allie as her foster family calls her.  She’s an orange girl about 6-7 years old and weighing in at 43 pounds. Allison is just about the sweetest and cutest little gal you have ever met.  It just takes her a little while to adjust to new situations, but once she realizes everything is okay, she warms right up.

Allison is housetrained and crate-trained, although she'd prefer not to stay in her crate. She does fine in the house with her foster brother when her foster dad is gone. She has free run of the house overnight without problems. She prefers to sleep on a cozy dog bed next to the people bed, but if you let her get up there, she'll lay in your bed all night. Allison almost seems to ask permission before she goes into a new room or gets on furniture. Allison walks very well on a leash and does know a few basic commands like sit and lay down.

While Allison isn't much for playing in the house, when she gets in the yard, she loves to run with both of her foster brothers. She's a true princess though, preferring to hug and snuggle instead of rough-housing with her foster brothers. When they get too rough or try to steal her bones, she will let them know how she feels sternly but politely.

Allison has been through a lot of changes recently. We think she was a house dog at some point but ended up in a shelter and now in foster care. She is ready and excited for her last big change, the perfect forever home.


Pam Miller hopes that sweet little Allison will soon be snuggling with her forever family!

Allison sends a "roo" of thanks to Zachary Rieboldt for his friendship and support as she waits for her perfect forever home.