Lady with her new mom and dad

Lady with her new family

Lady relaxing in her new home

Lady in her forever home

  • Adopted: 02-21-16
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 26 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Shy, sweet girl with a lot of love to give

Meet Opal, a 2 year old female English setter who is in need of a forever home with a lot of love to give.  Opal is a small sized Blue Belton girl, weighing only 26 lbs.  She is shy and nervous when she first meets people.  Once she becomes comfortable and trusts you, she is a very loyal and loving companion.

When Opal first arrived in foster care, her foster mom put her on a regular schedule to provide Opal with some security.  With routine, Opal began to know what to expect and relaxed more every day.  Opal is now comfortable enough at her foster home that she greets her foster mom at the door with her tail wagging. Opal still is a little nervous in general but has settled in relatively well with her foster family and she gets along fine with her three Setter foster siblings. Here’s a video of Opal playing with a toy.

Opal walks very well on a leash and comes when called most of the time.  She is housetrained and does not need to be crated when no one is home.  At first Opal spent her nights sleeping in a dog bed, but now that she’s more at ease, she sleeps with the rest of the family in the person bed.  We’re sure Opal would be happy either way.  A positive reinforcement obedience class with her adoptive family would help her bond with her family in an enjoyable atmosphere and gain confidence.  Opal is learning that riding in cars can lead to good things, like walks in the park, and she is slowly improving on her unease while in the car.  Opal is not a good candidate for an invisible fence, so a physical fence is required for her forever home.

Opal stole her foster mom’s heart.  When she looks at you with those big brown setter eyes, your heart will melt too.  Opal will do best in a relatively quiet household.  She’ll blossom with a family who will take time to build her confidence.  She would also do better in a forever home that has another dog to help put her at ease and show her the daily routine.  This little girl will be a wonderful dog for a forever family who is patient, kind, loving and consistent.  Opal will surely pay you back with all she has to give.


Tracey & Allan Fogwill hope that sweet Opal finds a patient and loving forever home very soon!

Holly Christensen & Steve Krogulecki send lots of best wishes to Opal as she waits for a loving forever family to love.

OPAL's (now LADY's) SUCCESS STORY - 4/16

Update from Opal's (now Lady Georgia;s) mom:  Getting settled in!  She is doing so well.

Hi there—Opal aka "Lady" is settling in well and adapting to her new name (Lady Georgia for some of us around here since my husband is from Atlanta and we have a place on the coast…).  We know it will take time to find get her bearings but she will be fine.  We are crazy about her of course and want to thank all of you for helping arrange the adoption, and so expeditiously.