• Adopted: 10-14-15
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Size: 58 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Charming, affectionate, people-oriented boy!

Scout is the sweetest, most loving setter we have ever fostered! At 6 years old, Scout is calm, handsome, and big-framed at 58 pounds.  He has a beautiful orange belton coat. Scout’s soft loving eyes are his super power. When Scout stares into your eyes with love and total trust, even non-dog people are reduced to cooing and stroking his head.

Scout came to us withdrawn, worried, underweight and with no training. However, he is so eager to please he quickly learned some basic commands and enjoys his basic obedience class.  While Scout has come a long way in a short time, he will need more help learning to walk without pulling. He'd love to bond with his new family by taking another class together.

Scout is very people-oriented dog. He follows us around the house all day. Scout is a fantastic greeter, although you won’t have to teach Scout not to jump on people. When anyone he knows comes in the door, Scout will come skidding up, sit on their feet and put his paw on their leg to ask for attention. If he doesn’t know them, he will stand wagging his whole body with the saddest puppy-dog eyes until he gets a good petting. He charms every guest! Scout is good with older children and people in wheelchairs. Scout’s love of people is also his biggest weakness. If you never left the house, Scout would be the perfect dog. However, when I leave he gets anxious and paces the house until I return. He is good for several hours, but longer trips can cause him stress. Scout cannot be crated. If crated, he gets panicky and will hurt himself trying to escape. Because of his anxiety about crates, Scout sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom, which has worked well for us. I believe as he settles into a new home, his anxiety will level off, but he will need extra effort from his owners helping him to cope without crating him.

Scout’s focus is always on people over other dogs. He hasn’t learned to play with other dogs yet, but he is comfortable being with calm, friendly, mature dogs. Scout is very interested in cats and enjoys stalking them. Therefore, Scout shouldn't go to a family with cats.

Scout came to us with swollen, thickened ear tissue from old ear infections. Because of this, Scout’s ears need daily cleaning and a grain free limited ingredient food (Wellness Simple) to help his ears and itchy skin.  He has grown to like having his ears cleaned and submits willingly, even groaning with pleasure for deep ear rubbing. 

Scout loves car rides, exploring new places and meeting new people. Scout isn’t a big chewer. His stuffies are damp but intact and he doesn’t chew anything other than the bones and sticks from the yard.  Scout doesn’t challenge the fence, try to jump over it or dig under it. He has excellent recalls and he almost never barks.

Scout's ideal home would be a calm quiet household where his family is around for most of the day, with someone willing to take him for a long walk each morning, and clean his ears each night.  Scout’s perfect day is a lovely walk followed by breakfast and a peaceful nap with his family nearby.  Living and loving Scout is like having a furry shadow who thinks you are the center of the universe.  You will find no heart more loving than Scout’s.


Pamela Miller hopes that sweet, handsome Scout will soon be sharing his joyful heart with a loving forever family!

Scout gives a happy, full body wag to his friend, Mike Warfield, for the support and best wishes as he waits for his forever home.