• Adopted: 09-29-15
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 38 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Loyal cuddlebug ready to live a happy life

Maisey, a cute Setter/Brittany mix with expressive eyes and a tail that wags her whole body, is ready to settle into her forever home. Maisey is just 2 years old and weighs 38 pounds.  She is mostly white with one orange ear.

Maisey loves to play outside with her foster setter sister, but she respects and is mindful of her older foster setter brother who is blind. She runs, roughhouses and plays with a joy of life that will most certainly grow as she becomes more comfortable and confident in her new home.  After running around in the heat of the day, Maisey enjoys some ice cubes in her water bowl. Watch her here.

Maisey is shy at first with new people, but she is learning that people can be good.  After less than a week, she was comfortable with her foster mom and dad, starting with a soft hand lick and progressing to a full-body lean in. She is also learning that she doesn’t have to be skittish or bark when new people come into the house.  She is still sometimes startled by unexpected movements and would do best in a quieter home or a home without children.  Maisey will need continued socialization and positive reinforcement with new people in her adoptive home.  She has come a long way in such a short time!

Maisey is fine with the 5ft. chain link fence at her foster home. Because she is so easily scared, she would not do well with an invisible fence.  After only a few days in her foster home, Maisey was asking to come in and out the back door and has not had an inside accident at all. Once inside, she either wants to keep playing with her foster sister, get a hug or head scratch and hear what a good girl she is, or find a place for a nice nap. She loves playing with dog toys.

Maisey is learning to heel on the leash and knows “sit.” Once comfortable with you, she will “come” with a smile and wagging tail. She is eager to please and a soft, firm “no” is usually all she needs as a correction. She loves to be talked to softly and told what a sweet, good girl she is.  Maisey did not demonstrate any anxiety during the July 4th neighborhood fireworks and is not afraid of thunder. She sleeps without protest in her crate in her foster parents’ bedroom, where the other two dogs also sleep.

Maisey will do best in a home with another dog who can show her the ropes and with a family willing to be patient and encouraging while she overcomes her initial shyness and wariness. Once she does, you will find a loving and affectionate cuddlebug. Maisey is a smart girl just ready to embrace a new life without fear.  With love and understanding, Maisey will quickly find a place in your heart and home.


Pamela Miller hopes that sweet Maisey will soon be enjoying lots of dog toys, head scratches and loving hugs in her forever home!