• Adopted: 08-09-15
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Size: 43 lbs
  • Color: Liver
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Quiet, beautiful girl ready to blossom into a confident and loving family member

Let us introduce one special liver colored girl, Kona, who is 3 years old and weighs 43 pounds.  Kona is a very quiet girl; we rarely hear a peep out of her.  She is very content to figure out life from her comfortable spots where she feels safe around the house while she builds up her confidence to do more.

Kona’s foster home is a busy house full of teenage boys, another Setter, and two cats. She is most relaxed when she is around our other animals.  Kona really gets along well with her foster setter sister and watches her with amazement as if to say, “Can I really do that too?”   Kona does fine with the dog-savvy cats in her foster home, but we do not know how she would do with other cats.

Her foster family does not think that Kona had a lot of interaction with people and she definitely attached herself right away to one family member.  She will follow her “leader” around and we are gradually getting her to warm up to all of us by giving her love and attention.  She is willing to accept the new admiration, just tentatively at first.  We will all be sitting in the family room and Kona will peek out from the upstairs bedroom (her favorite quiet spot) and run back in, peek back out and run back in, watching the family activity from above.  Over time, she has been starting to venture further and further out of the bedroom to check out what is going on with the family.  She seems very interested in joining in; she just needs some gentle help and patience with her continued adjustment.  Kona has come so far, she would love to keep working on her confidence at her forever home. 

Kona does not make any attempt to leave her yard that is fenced with a split rail/wire mesh fence.  Kona will not do well on an invisible fence and needs a home with a physical fence.  She doesn’t dig, and she is making great strides on house-training.  Kona is not super birdy and she doesn’t require a lot of running in order to be ready to lounge in the house or on the deck.  You couldn’t ask for more of a gentle lady!

As you can see, Kona is an absolute beauty and will just need some time, continued confidence boosting and love to figure this all out.  She is learning to walk on a leash and everything she sees on our walk seems all new to Kona.  She wags her tail constantly at new people and dogs, but she just doesn’t know what to expect yet!  Would you be her forever family and help her along with her journey?


Steve, Teri & Miss Sophia Sauer hope that sweet Kona finds a loving forever home where she can continue to boost her confidence and enjoy her happily-ever-after life!

Kona sends a sweet Setter kiss to Tracey & Allan Fogwill for their support and best wishes for her to find the perfect forever home.